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Post merger things to resolve

  1. (rangerpb) update LE builder images to recent F21, 100GB for / is sufficient
  2. (rangerpb) update LE hosts (comm06 and comm08) with latest F-20 kernel and F-21 qemu and SLOF, comm07 running builder2 has been updated for coreutils hanging test testing
  3. (rangerpb) install more LE builders, comm07 and comm08 should run at least 3 builders each, maybe 4
  4. investigate hanging test-lock from coreutils/findutils (gnulib testsuite) - updating the host kernel + qemu as suggested by Brent didn't help
  5. (DONE) switch to createrepo_c for repo creation on builders - ideally by an upstream change. eg use createrepo_c if available, otherwise use the default python createrepo [1] - BE ppc-builder[1-3] were already using createrepo_c - probably got lost during the reinstall to f20
  6. (DONE for ppc-le-builder[23]) configure more builders for the createrepo channel
  7. (DONE) install koji builder package on the hub and add it to the createrepo channel only
  8. review the content on the LE hub to decide what we will want to keep
  9. (DONE) fix daily LE rawhide mashes - old mash package tagged in f21


packages to resolve before LE and BE merger

Plan for missing things

  1. severe package issues
    1. (DONE) resolve mariadb - proposal is to build mariadb-10.0.11-4.fc21 for LE without test (the make_check workaround) and let the maintainers fix the next build
    2. (DONE) resolve antlr3 - mizdebsk is working on it => import antlr3-3.4-18.fc21 to BE and build antlr3-3.5-1.fc21 later in merged koji
    3. (DONE) openjdk8 enters endless cycle
  2. (DONE) prepare builders - take 2 from LE koji, add additional ones
  3. create a list of packages outside the minimal buildroot that we want to be matched
  4. (DONE) create list of LE rpms to import based on the BE vs. LE report
  5. (DONE) backup DB
  6. (DONE) move LE rpms
  7. (DONE) refresh LE rpms list before final import
  8. (DONE) import LE rpms
  9. (DONE) add ppc64le to rawhide koji-shadow config
  10. (DONE) add ppc64le to all existing f21 build tags

Packages to resolve

package solution who done notes
eclipse eclipse-4.4.0-0.26.git201406022000.fc21 Kick_ done
ppl ppl-1.1-3.fc21 Kick_ done FTBFS on primary (segfault)
hscolour hscolour-1.20.3-8.fc21 sharkcz done
llvm llvm-3.4-9.fc21 Kick_ done on BE and LE
qt5-qtbase qt5-qtbase-5.3.0-6.fc21 Kick_ done
qt5-qttools qt5-qttools-5.3.0-2.fc21 Kick_ done
systemtap nvr=systemtap-2.6-0.112.g480ec383d00e.fc21 Kick done
tcl tcl-8.6.1-4.fc21 Kick_ done
ghc ghc-7.6.3-23.fc21 sharkcz done
gnome-settings-daemon gnome-settings-daemon-3.13.1-1.fc21 build on BE Kick_ done
gtk3 gtk3-3.13.2-3.fc21 Kick_ done
gtkmm30 gtkmm30-3.13.2-1.fc21 Kick_ done
ibus ibus-1.5.7-3.fc21 Kick_ done
java-1.8.0-openjdk java-1.8.0-openjdk- Kick_ done
kernel kernel-3.15.0-0.rc8.git2.1.fc21 baude done
mariadb mariadb-10.0.11-4.fc21 sharkcz done LE without running test suite
mesa mesa-10.2-0.9.rc5.20140531.fc21 Kick_ done
nfs-utils nfs-utils-1.3.0-2.0.fc21 sharkcz done
python-pillow python-pillow-2.4.0-10.fc21 Kick_ done
qemu qemu-2.0.0-4.fc21 Kick_ done
subversion subversion-1.8.9-1.fc21 Kick_ done
findutils findutils-4.5.12-4.fc21 done
unzip unzip-6.0-13.fc21 Kick_ done
xz xz-5.1.2-10alpha.fc21 Kick_ done
libffi libffi-3.1-1.fc21 sharkcz done