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Release Notes

  • There is a major change in the installation process where the long-lived linuxrc script used for configuring stuff for s390x is now removed and dracut options are used to provide those information. And because we don't want to delay the release of Fedora 17 it means that there can be scenarios where Fedora can't be installed now. We are working on it, but naturally will appreciate reports of such scenarios. It should affect primarily Hercules users as the main tested installation path is now over the QETH interface, which is provided only in the post 3.07 Hercules snapshots.
  • the Haskell compiler ghc and its companion packages are now provided also on s390x, thanks to Jens Petersen for the bootstrapping
  • Eclipse is now built for s390x, thanks to Krzysztof Daniel and the rest of Eclipse team
  • example of using dracut options set in generic.prm
ro ramdisk_size=40000 cio_ignore=all,!0.0.0009 vnc
rd.dasd=0.0.0200 rd.dasd=0.0.0201 rd.dasd=0.0.0202 rd.dasd=0.0.0203
rd.dasd=0.0.0204 rd.dasd=0.0.0205 rd.dasd=0.0.0206 rd.dasd=0.0.0207

if you will be using a private mirror then update the URL for the install.img in the root variable and add repo location eg.


it sets IP information for ethernet card, set device information for QETH and DASDs and also the location of the second stage installer and the installation repository, see man dracut.kernel for details about the options

Developer information

Global info

Image composes are run on F-17 with

  • pungi-2.11-2.fc17
  • lorax-17.25-1.fc17

issues found in F-17 Alpha 20120402

using anaconda-17.16-1.fc17.dh.2

Installation status: FAIL

  • vnc doesn't start - traceback from anaconda - bug 809109
  • broken dep - plymouth-0.8.4-0.20110822.3.fc17.s390x requires

issues found in F-17 Alpha 20120430

refreshed with anaconda-17.20-1.fc17 and dracut-018-1.fc17

Installation status: UNKNOWN

issues found in F-17 20120525

Bug 825256 - /etc/modprobe.d/dasd_mod.conf not populated correctly for DASD devices with addidional parameters

Installation status: FAIL

issues found in F-17 20120605

  • includes dracut-018-51.git20120604.fc17

Installation status: OK

general anaconda/lorax/pungi/... issues