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Fedora QA Banner

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Jlaska for QA Team


Interested in a QA banner graphic ot be used in fedora QA pages, as well as several fedora qa hosted projects. The banner logo used by fedora Infrastructure is along the lines of what we'd need. Any suggestions/alternatives are welcome!

Maria "tatica" Leandro

Finished: [1]

Updates to the progress of this request:


Requester Date Request ArtTeam assignee Status

PauloSantos for FedoraHosted

date of request needs a logo needs a logo, to be used as default for all projects that currently don't have one. This will substitute the default trac logo



Updates to the progress of this request:

Phone Icon

Requester Date Request ArtTeam assignee Status

spot for IAX Phone applications


One of my new packages has several GUI applications that are IAX Phone Dialer clients. They need an icon for their desktop entry, I would love a simple little red phone.

COMPLETED by stojance


Updates to the progress of this request:



  • RahulSundaram
  • Autodownloader application icon
  • Autodownloader is a wrapper that automatically downloads optional content online. It is currently used for games
  • MichaelBeckwith
  • Artwork DesignService Archive autodown-16.png Artwork DesignService Archive autodown-32.png Artwork DesignService Archive autodown-64.png Artwork DesignService Archive autodown-128.png


  • JesseKeating
  • pungi logo
  • The pungi project needs a logo. A pungi is the instrument used to charm snakes.
  • MichaelBeckwith
  • Artwork DesignService Archive pungi snake-sm-dark.png Approved final for this part. 2ndary graphics in the planning stages.



  • [MikeMcGrath]]
  • Smolt (Hardware Profiler) Icon
  • Details: This is for the smolt client that allows users to send their hardware information up to Fedora's smolt server. The icon will be displayed in firstboot and in the Application menu. This client gets installed on Fedora by default. When filing bug reports, users will be able to reference their hw profile in smolt to help diagnose the bug.
  • MairinDuffy
  • Finished:

16x16 Artwork DesignService smolt-icon-16.png File:Artwork DesignService smolt-icon-16.svg
24x24 Artwork DesignService smolt-icon-24.png File:Artwork DesignService smolt-icon-24.svg
48x48 Artwork DesignService smolt-icon-48.png File:Artwork DesignService smolt-icon-48.svg

smolt icons

  • MikeMcGrath
  • Smolt Working/Broke Icons
  • We're implementing a ratings system in smolt. We need Artwork DesignService r1.gif "Breaks System" Artwork DesignService r2.gif "Doesn't Work" Artwork DesignService r3.gif "Requires 3rd Party Drivers" Artwork DesignService r4.gif "Worked but required additional configuration" Artwork DesignService r5.gif "Worked out of the box" Be creative. We also need a grey version of each of these for those that are not selected. (HaraldHoyer added small suggestions :-) )
  • LuyaTshimbalanga
  • Feel free to grab some icons from echo-icon-theme . Transifex and use them. Here is the suggestion. update
  • Artwork DesignService help-about.png "I don't use this/I don't know"
  • Artwork DesignService dialog-close.png "Break System"
  • Artwork DesignService dialog-cancel.png "Does not work"
  • Artwork DesignService document-properties.png "Requires 3rd Party Drivers"
  • Artwork DesignService mail-mark-important.png "Worked but required additional configuration"
  • Artwork DesignService dialog-ok.png "Work out of box"
  • YaakovNemoy
  • We need a sixth icon for not yet rated. I recommend "help-about"
  • We need desaturated versions of these icons, so that one of the six can be selected. Desaturating dialog-close is non trivial in inkscape, and sadly I am not skilled in the ways of svg-foo.
  • dialog-cancel is also fairly lacking in color, can we raise the color level of the 'regular' or selected one so that it is clear that it is selected?
  • We'll be on hold status till this is ready.
  • LuyaTshimbalanga
  • A preview for desaturated icons
  • Artwork DesignService help-about g.png "I don't use this/I don't know"
  • Artwork DesignService dialog-close g.png "Break System"
  • Artwork DesignService dialog-cancel g.png "Does not work"
  • Artwork DesignService document-properties g.png "Requires 3rd Party Drivers"
  • Artwork DesignService mail-mark-important g.png "Worked but required additional configuration"
  • Artwork DesignService dialog-ok g.png "Work out of box"
  • Here is the tarball that include all icons in png and svg for desaturated icons. File:Artwork DesignService echo-smolt-icons.tar.gz
  • Status: completed.

FUDCon banner

  • MikeMcGrath
  • Banner ad for FUDCon 2008
  • Please match size and color scheme of: f8-banner-animation.gif 404 page


  • InfrastructureTeam / MikeBonnet
  • koji logo
  • Details: kanji: 麹 koji is the Japanese for a type of fungus used in the sake brewing process. Koji is a package build system.
  • LuyaTshimbalanga
  • Completed

16x16 Artwork DesignService koji-icon-16.png
24x24 Artwork DesignService koji-icon-24.png
48x48 Artwork DesignService koji-icon-48.png
SVG File:Artwork DesignService koji-icon.svg


Artwork DesignService bodhi-icon-16.png Artwork DesignService bodhi-icon-16.png 16x16
Artwork DesignService bodhi-icon-24.png Artwork DesignService bodhi-icon-24.png 24x24
Artwork DesignService bodhi-icon-48.png Artwork DesignService bodhi-icon-48.png 48x48
File:Artwork DesignService bodhi-icon-16.svg 16x16 SVG File:Artwork DesignService bodhi-icon.svg SVG


  • FabianAffolter
  • Wiki
  • Create a banner for the Fedora Ambassadors team, like the one present for Fedora Artwork and Fedora Docs (as a replacment for the existing version)
  • Not Claimed
  • NicuBuculei: until I can think of a better icon for the "Ambassadors" concept. here is one proposal using the default Bluecurve globe Artwork DesignService AmbassadorsN1.png

  • FabianAffolter
  • Wiki
  • Create a new banner for the Fedora Event pages, like the one present for Fedora Artwork, Ambassadors and Docs. The existing version doesn't fit anymore.
  • MariaLeandro
  • Propose Banner - Artwork DesignService FedoraEvent.png


Fedora Fonts SIG

  • NicolasMailhot
  • Fonts SIG theming
  • The Fonts SIG needs a banner and/or some visual element to identify its pages. Also some of its pages include big tables which are poorly rendered right now, so a table restyling would be appreciated
  • MichaelBeckwith
  • should be final Artwork DesignService fontssig-final.png

LinuxTag 2008

  • JoergSimon
  • Request: we can have a Web-Banner for Linuxtag 2008 on please can someone design a Banner? 165x200 pixel (width x height)+12pt. rounded corners
  • Details:
  • LinuxTag 2008
  • Time: 28. bis 31. Mai 2008
  • Place: Berlin
  • Motto1: "Meet the Leaders"
  • Motto2: "Fedora macht am Linuxtag blau"
  • Highlights:
  • Fedora 9
  • PaulFrields & MaxSpevack will be present all the time
  • >20 active Fedora People on the booth
  • FAD & FUDCon with many talks
  • Date Requested: asap
  • Designer who claims it: RyanLerch
  • Status Completed, they are currently using the banner on
  • Done some quick ideas up. --RyanLerch

Artwork DesignService Archive Linuxtag08banner1.png Artwork DesignService Archive Linuxtag08banner2.png Artwork DesignService Archive Linuxtag08banner3.png Artwork DesignService Archive Linuxtag08banner4.png Artwork DesignService Archive Linuxtag08banner2d.png

File:Artwork DesignService Archive Linuxtag08banners.svg SVG Source for all 4 banners File:Artwork DesignService Archive Linuxtag08banners2-d.svg SVG Source for "Lernen Sie den Leitern" banner

Fedora Websites banner

  • CraigThomas
  • A banner for the websites team wiki pages
  • The websites team could use a nice banner for our wiki space.
  • Date Requested Unknown
  • RyanLerch
  • In Progress

I have done up a quick banner idea for the fedora websites wiki pages: --RyanLerch

Artwork DesignService fedorawebsitesbanner.png File:Artwork DesignService fedorawebsitesbanner.svg SVG Source

Another variation after some helpful advice from MichaelBeckwith: --RyanLerch

Artwork DesignService fedorawebsitesbanner 2.png File:Artwork DesignService fedorawebsitesbanner 2.svg SVG Source

And my variation on Ryan's design: --NicuBuculei

Artwork DesignService fedorawebsitesbanner 3.png File:Artwork DesignService fedorawebsitesbanner 3.svg SVG Source

Going over the top- now the browser has the Firefox icon too, so it is even more clear that it is a browser: --NicuBuculei

Artwork DesignService fedorawebsitesbanner 4.png File:Artwork DesignService fedorawebsitesbanner 4.svg SVG Source

  • 9th May 2008 - Nicu's First variation (the one without the firefox logo) was chosen as the banner by the fedora-websites team. --RyanLerch

Fedora LiveUSB

Artwork DesignService fedora usb left.png Artwork DesignService fedora usb right.png

  • SamueleStorari: I've created a Totem (A3 size) get it at Marketing/LiveUsbCreator here u can find the source file and the Hi-res png.
  • the following idea was chosen, and is now in use my the Live USB creator application: --RyanLerch 18th May 2008

Artwork DesignService fedora-iso-usb.png

FISL 9.0

Logo, banner and icon created by NicuBuculei SIGs Astronomy astronomy4.png

Koji icon

Artwork DesignService koji-icon-48.png Final design. The icon is based on the tan rice with koji-kin. - LuyaTshimbalanga

Smolt Icon

Artwork DesignService smolt-icon-sketches.png <= some icon sketches

Spinner Graphic

Spinner graphic for an AJAX web app to let the user know they need to wait a sec. by MairinDuffy

Artwork DesignService spinner-graphic.gif File:Artwork DesignService spinner-graphic.tar.gz tar.gz of transparent PNG frames]

Another spinner created by DianaFong.

Artwork DesignService fedora-spinner.gif