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Customizing the Desktop

It is possible to customize the look and feel of your desktop in several ways. All of the graphical elements of a desktop - window borders, buttons, scrolling sliders, and other control elements - can be adjusted, modified, or replaced. A theme is a collection of such graphical elements, designed to give a common look and to fit together, and bundled for the desktop.

Changing the Theme

Themes are a way to change your desktop to suit your personal preferences.

The default theme is Clearlooks. Fedora Core 6 comes with many other themes.

To change the desktop theme, choose System > Preferences > Theme. The Theme Preferences window appears:

File:Docs DesktopUserGuide Customizing chngTheme3.png

Changing the Background

To change the background image on your desktop, right-click on an empty area of the desktop, and select the Change Desktop Background option. The Desktop Background Preferences window appears. To change your desktop background, choose a new image form the list. You can add your own images by clicking Add Wallpaper.

To set a color or gradient, select No Wallpaper. Then change the color under Desktop Colors.

Another way to change the desktop background is to choose System > Preferences > Desktop Background from the menu panel.

Customizing File Browsing Behavior

By default, Fedora uses the Nautilus file manager, which opens a new window each time you open a folder. You can change this behavior to use one window with Forward and Back buttons.

To change this, double-click on Computer on the desktop, click Edit and then Preferences. You can also select Places > Computer > Edit > Preferences from the menu panel. Click the Behavior tab and click on the box next to the text Always open in browser windows.

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