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Notes and Tasks for the GSG


Current Writers

Robert 'Bob' Jensen Email: [[MailTo(bob AT SPAMFREE bobjensen DOT com)]

Robert 'Bob' Jensen Wiki: BobJensen

Martin Brej Email: [[MailTo(mjbrej AT sbcglobal DOT net)]

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Notes from initial meeting 2006-01-06

General Mission

The power of Linux and open source is in all the choice, but for new users, the choice can be paralyzing. Our goal should be to provide real world examples for at least one of the many choices in each area.

Suggested Content Headings

1. sending/receiving email

2. web browsing

3. configuring the desktop / other preferences

4. basic document creation--text docs, spreadsheets, presentations

5. some slightly more advanced things like watching video clips, listening to music, keeping a checkbook

6. Fun stuff in general maybe geneology, brainstroming software, Folding@Home / SETI@Home stuff


Current Items
Task Name Owner Target Date Notes
Priority 1
Adopt the Document BobJensen 2006-01-13 Talk to the original writers, if possible. Make a note of the document's origin in an appendix or footer.
Update Outline MartinBrej 2006-01-13 Update the outline to include our new suggested content ideas from the 2006-01-06 meeting
Priority 2
Priority 3
Closed Items
Task Name Owner Completion Date Notes


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2 Do it soon
3 Better late than never