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Installation Guide Contributors

  • PaulWFrields - Team leader, XML specialist
  • ScottGlaser - Writer, Installation tester/reviewer, Screen shot taker. NOT an XML Specialist
  • SamFolkWilliams - Writer, Installation tester/reviewer. I need someone to tell me what to do and I will do it.
  • BobJensen - Screen shot taker
  • RuedigerSteffan - Writer/Screen shot translator

Possible roles that need fulfilling:

  • Editor - Ensure writing is specific, accurate, and clear
  • Writers - assigned to a specific set of chapters or sections
  • Installation tester/reviewer - tests all steps and screenshots to confirm they are accurate
  • Screen shot taker - takes all necessary screenshots in a standardized manner, recording details about them so that they can be retaken by translators
  • Screen shot translators - works with screen shot details and translators
  • Team leader - accountable for ensuring all others know what they have to deliver, when it has to be there, and where it has to go
  • XML specialist - help with the XML challenges
  • More?