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Documentation Summary: Fedora Core Server Installation (HOWTO)

Purpose: This HOWTO will explore the concepts and configurations for establishing a fully functional Internet connected network environment for your home or small office. This setup uses a dedicated Fedora Core Linux server as the gateway device to provide all of your network connections, Web / Email / FTP servers, packet filtering firewall, and most of the other services required to configure and secure a complete small scale network.

This documentation is developed specifically for the Fedora Core versions of Linux, however the configurations will still be suited to most Linux distributions that use the same applications and configuration settings.

Audience: This HOWTO guide is written for basic to intermediate level users, step-by-step guides are used throughout the documentation.

Assumptions: It is assumed that the user (you) following this guide has a basic knowledge of TCP/IP, subnetting and understand how and what some of the server components do. To implement some of the configurations (such as email and web server) it is assumed that the installer has registered a fully qualified domain name with an Internet registar.

Lead Writer: Miles Brennan

Table of Contents - Fedora Core Server Installation (HOWTO)

1. Introduction

2. Planning Considerations

3. Installing Linux (Fedora Core)

4. Network Configuration

5. Broadband Connectivity

6. Firewall Concepts

7. Package Management

8. Domain Name System (BIND)

9. Network Time Protocol

10. DHCP Server

11. Squid Web Proxy

12. Sendmail Server

13. Apache Web Server

14. FTP Server

15. System Printing

16. Secure Shell

17. MySQL Server

18. Samba

19. Network File System

20. Shared Address Book (LDAP)

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