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Documentation Project's CVS Access Guidelines

CVS access is moving to a position of less importance in the Documentation Project, as the Wiki and CMS takeover writing, editing, and publishing workflow. It remains important for translation and full-length books.

Using CVS is covered in DocsProject/CVSUsage .

Using read-only (anonymous) CVS is covered at DocsProject/CvsUsage#Anonymous-CVS .

Steps to get DocsProject's CVS write access

  1. After you make a Self-Introduction , the list will ask you what work you want to do in the Documentation Project, or if you want guidance or directions. If you have ideas, share them with all, and the list can discuss the ideas and resource investment. There are also current ideas, drafts, and documents that need help. If you wish, you can be assigned something to work on, but ultimately it is up to you to decide what you want to do and do it.
  2. When you pick up something to do, someone from FDSCo (or someone that has cvsdocs write access) offers to sponsor you. That means that he/she helps you understand how we work and how we use the CVS, Wiki, CMS, and other Fedora Documentation Project systems/tools.
  3. You begin to work with the sponsor's supervision. After you get your work finished, the sponsor looks at it and commit changes to the CVS, if appropriate. The sponsor also informs the list about the status.
  4. Finally, when the sponsor thinks you are familar with the process and will have the need, you will be given access to the cvsdocs group. If the sponsor is not from FDSCo and does not have permissions to get you cvsdocs writer access, the sponsor asks in the list for a FDSCo member get this done.
  5. Now you can work directly, grabbing and committing in the CVS. Remember that working in a group is always better: one supporting each other. All the CVS activity is logged in the fedora-docs-commits list.