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This section describes the rules and practices for when, why, and how to tag files or modules in CVS.

Also read the usage instructions at DocsProject/CvsBranching.

1. Start with the module name, e.g. example-tutorial-some-tag 1. Be explicit, use words if you need them


1. Always tag your module _and_ docs-common:

cvs tag -F foo-tutorial-FC-5-trans-freeze foo-tutorial/ docs-common/

Later, when you want to checkout this tagged content, you get the state of the various tools to match. Some files that are integral to how your document builds get changed regularly, such as docs-common/common/Makefile.common. A pristine checkout of your tagged files or module needs a pristine snapshot of the tools that were in place at the time the files were tagged. 1. Don't tag other modules that don't need tagging:

cd ~/fdp-cvs/
cvs ci -m "Latest release 1.1.7-beta of this doco." my-module/
cvs tag -F my-module-release-1.1.7-beta ./

This example tagged everything in the directory ~/fdp-cvs/, that is, the entire checkout. Including MY DOCUMENT, so cut it out!  ;-D