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Steps to (re)Licensing Under the OPL

1. Agree to OPL w/o restrictions. DONE 1. Get the FAQ vetted by Foundation Board. DONE 1. Announce that we are going to relicense Real Soon Now:

Dear FDP Friends:

We are going to relicense under the OPL without options, and so is Red Hat.

You are going to get a huge infusion of content and writers from Red Hat.  The community is going to gain enormously, and you are right there in front, making it happen.  Thank you!

Read this FAQ for more answers:

1. Work out the issues in the open 1. Fedora docs not under FDP direct influence, i.e., DONE - uses OPL without options:

1. Copyright: does the Foundation get joint copyright, or just an OPL license grant?

  • The kernel licensing is an example of licensing w/o copyright grant, and the issues that it may cause

1. Get a list of all FDP copyright holders (CVS + EditGroup ?) 1. Roll out the new license 1. Obtain agreement or resolution from all copyright holders 1. Snapshot a list of all wiki users who have accounts right now. Make that list into a wiki page. Call it the legacy wiki user OPL agreement page or some such. Put a watch on the page. People who agree should put a little check or something on the page. With watch, we should be able to tell if someone is doing something wacky, like agreeing on behalf of other people. 1. Add language that says "any content here is OPL content" to the account creation / login page, BIG AND BOLD so people can't miss it. ( 1. Announce OPL policy -- and point legacy users to the "lwuOap" page, explaining how to agree to the new policy, and what to do if you don't (i.e., go and remove your edits.) 1. Slap OPL on every single page in the footer. 1. Monitor the watch list for compliance.

Checklist (14 Feb 2006)

1. Reverse sign up page approving licensing 1. Change footer of all pages to include OPL link 1. Change user preferences page template to include OPL info 1. Mass mail to contributors; 2 week turnaround?