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We are experimenting with generating a regular content flow from the Documentation Project. This would be more formal content that can come from blogs, email, etc. The idea is to see:

  • Should we do something like this?
  • Why not do it for the few who write stuff from within/for FDP?
  • What more meaning can we get by delivering a just-in-time (JiT) content flow?


All content coming in this way needs to be under the OPL . Details on how to contribute are in the workflow pages .


Provide content that can be reused for other documentation projects, such as the Docs/Beats release notes .

Give downstream consumers such as Red Hat Magazine a source for content they can edit and redistribute. This increases the audience for Fedora-sourced content.

Provide a way for Fedora Documentation to be more involved in the ongoing content, disconnected from Fedora release schedule.

Give our writers a wider audience and more JiT interest.