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DocsProject Wiki Reorganization

This pages reflects the new structure for the wiki-pages of the Documentation Project (FDP). The discussion about this reorganization happend in this thread on the mailing-list . Ideas and comments are always welcome!


The plan is to have this done in two weeks (1 April)

Overal structure


  1. Join
    1. Writer
    2. Editor
    3. Translator
    4. Toolchain Builder
  2. Goals & Mission
  3. Schedule (includes the current FDSCo TaskSchedule)
    1. some pages with details (e.g. specific schedules on DUG, IG)
  4. Tasks (considering all FDP related tasks and processes)
    1. Guides
    2. Relnotes
    3. Browser splash page
    4. Plone
    5. Ideas-page
    6. Release announcement (not sure if we should do this)
    7. FDSCo (or steering committee)
    8. Charter
    9. Meeting minutes
    10. Elections
    11. Nominations
  5. Workflow
    1. Docbook (how to write + intro)
    2. CVS (usage)
    3. Wiki (how to write)
    4. Publishing (web, PDF?)
    5. Tools
  6. Various (for misc. stuff)

General items

Some stuff that really needs to happen in order of importance

  1. Create a default template for all Docs-related pages on the wiki (breadcrumb, default header, ...) to create a common look-and-feel
  2. Look at possibility of using redirects or edit all links to a certain page to reflect the change.
  3. Enforce the usage of CategoryDocsProject & CategoryDocumentation on all pages