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Project Management Tasks

20-Jun-2007 ## update date when updating page

  1. Create a template for a task at DocsProject/Tasks/DocsTaskTemplate ; confirm that it shows up as a template when creating a new page; make sure the template includes all the owners of the task, linked to their personal Wiki page, and room for details on the project. Include a sample table of contents structure, use anchor macros, and use comments to explain how to fill out the page.
  2. Move tasks from table on DocsProject/Tasks into sub-pages, either as tasks to take, or as tasks in progress. Note who owns the task on the page. Use the new DocsProject/Tasks/DocsTaskTemplate for each page created; push improvements to the template back into the template itself, based in your real usage experience.
  3. Help improve the DocsProject/Tasks process so it is: friendly to the new contributor; useful to the active contributor; balanced; updated (not stale); useful; did I mention useful?; well used.