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Goals on this page can encompass other goals. All goals have specific tasks, which are listed on DocsProject/SteeringCommittee/TaskSchedule, and can have many levels of sub-tasks. Some specific deliverables may be enumerated on this page, as they directly align with project goals. This list of goals are related to infrastructure, process, and overall project success.

UnPrioritized Goals

  • Help new and interested writers to contribute to open, community documentation.
  • FDSCo administrivia
  • Process doc(s)
  • Role definitions and assignments
  • Keep DocsProject/EditorAssignments updated
  • Recruit new writers (add yourself to the contributors page). Take a look at the thread at for some recruiting tips
  • R&D on !DocBook Wiki (
  • Define how to get access to and use CVS (DocsProject/CvsUsage)
  • Toolchain R&D
  • Core Documentation Set
  • Resolve release notes situation
  • Release Fedora Core Installation Guide for FC4
  • Update Documentation Guide to be more friendly, accurate, and useful.
  • Update Quick Start Guide to reflect current processes, use friendly BZ names, etc.
  • Determine how FDP documentation will be integrated with FC.
  • Update the goals page
  • More ...