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EPEL Open Issues

This page is i) a long list of all the open problems (uh, you know, issues) that EPEL is facing. These can be downstream, upstream, cross-stream (other third-party repos), political, technical, community, etc.

The guidelines for this page are:

1. Link to as much content as you can find that is relevant to the issue 1. When an issue here becomes a task on another list, it needs to change its status. It could: 1. Disappear from here with a note in the changelog that it was a task on a task page somewhere 1. Stay here with a note and a link to the task(s) in progress. Ideally, when enough are resolved, the issue is removed from this page and an entry explaining why is made in the changelog

EPEL Problems (Issues)
Issues Who knows more about it Links Notes and status