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Weekly EPEL Summary

Week 39/2007

Most important happenings

  • Nothing major

EPEL SIG Meeting



  • both were approved -- nobody complained on the list last time it was discussed (that was some weeks ago) and we can easily updated when people want to see something changed
  • task--quaid: put it properly in the wiki (link on the frontpage, everywhere else where needed? and similar stuff)
  • new ask page created by knurd to track preparations we likely should do for 5.1
  • when to remove yum-utils and other packages that are not part of RHEL?
  • leave the package in the repo until at least CentOS catches up, then drop them?
  • nirik> | I'm happy to work on bugging people about broken deps and trying to work on the repo for the next testing/final move.
  • skipped
  • moving to bodhi requires that we switch to koji, which first needs the ability to hide RHEL binaries from the world
  • yum-cron
  • do more on the list and less in the meetings; "Power to the people with no delay." aka "make Steering Committee nearly unimportant" and "new schedule page"
  • some discussions around this to improve workflow and do stuff like "if nobody complains on the list (or in the IRC meetings) its simply considered accepted"
  • knurd> | it's just a general idea IMHO; we just need to find way to realize that idea; the new stuff in the wiki is a first step for I hope we do more, but I don't know yet exactly what to do; suggestions welcomed
  • Free discussion around EPEL
  • nirik> | I have almost caught up on security checking for epel...
  • nirik> | there are some packages that were never built, but have branches. Might be good if we could gather a list of those and ping maintainers to build or work on deps to build
  • nirik> | finally, did we ever determine about pushing from testing->stable more often? Or should I bring that up on the list again?
  • we prepare one; will decide if we just do it or if we do it together with 5.1
  • dep scripts running for testing these days? mmcgrath> | knurd: I don't think they are, I'll do that now.
  • task--mmcgrath -- dep scripts running for testing

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Number of EPEL Contributors 1

We welcome 1 new contributors: till


Number of source packages: 670

Number of binary packages: 1299

There are 9 new Packages:

  • amavisd-new | Email filter with virus scanner and spamassassin support
  • fedora-package-config-smart | Fedora EPEL configuration files for the Smart package manager
  • jack-audio-connection-kit | The Jack Audio Connection Kit
  • libid3tag | ID3 tag manipulation library
  • mathml-fonts | Mathematical symbol fonts
  • optipng | A PNG optimizer and converter
  • python-fedora | Python modules for talking to Fedora Infrastructure Services
  • smart | Next generation package handling tool
  • wavpack | A completely open audiocodec


Number of source packages: 421

Number of binary packages: 859

There are 1 new Packages:

  • wavpack | A completely open audiocodec