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Weekly EPEL Summary

Week 47/2007

Most important happenings

  • reminder: the EPEL meetings (and of course the mailing lists) are open to everyone; if you want to help EPEL by changing or improving something come join us, your voice will be heard; and if it comes to votings you opinion and your vote will count as well, even if you are not in the EPEL Steering Committee or in the SIG!
We've done a fair job of attracting Fedora packagers to EPEL.

Now we need to get all the other audiences to get involved, as package
users, packagers, testers, and general community members:

* General end-users
* Academia and scientific users
* Software and hardware vendors
* General corporate users

I'll take the lead on this task, but boy do I need help and ideas.

Can we cook up a list of requirements or goals, so we can take some
ideas to f-marketing-l to discuss publicity etc.?

Mailing list

Noteworthy discussions


Next Meeting

20071205 at 18:00 UTC in #fedora-meeting. (ten days from now)

Last weeks meeting




  • nirik> | I pulled a local mirror of the epel4 stuff, but I haven't tested yet... ; sorry for delaying. ;(
  • nirik will try to do it over the weekend; knurd will help if needed
  • knurd> | I wondered if we normally should send a mail to the maintainer of the effected packages? then they get a chance to say "don't push foo, because it has serious bugs" ;

nirik> | perhaps a list of what would be pushed on the list and then a day or two for someone to say they don't want to push?

  • We'll consider something like the above for the future; but for this EPEL4 push we just continue
  • skipped; feedback from people what they want sill wanted (mailing list or directly on the task page in the wiki, which is linked from the schedule)
  • we'll do it once centos 4.6/5.1 is out?; dgilmore will prepare it over the next few days. Many thanks for your help dgilmore!
  • Free discussion around EPEL
  • nirik> | FYI, I _still_ don't have my clamav rpm ready, but again I hope to work on it this weekend/holiday
  • knurd> | are we happy with the state of EPEL?

mmcgrath> | we've been using it in Fedora since before it was official :) its been great.

nirik> | yeah, I think so... lots of nice new branches in the last weeks... all the bugzilla perl rpms...

knurd> | I'd had hoped more people would become active with EPEL administrativa ; e.g. more people in the meetings

  • quaid> | I don't mind remaining involved, but I'm feeling a bit like dead wood :) ... my skillz were most at use early on in putting people and processes together ; so, what I was wondering is if there is a need to refresh my seat with someone new?

nirik> | well, we don't have many people at all interested it seems like right now...

quaid> | nirik: I don't mind keeping the body count up and keeping an eye on things; just don't want to be in the way of someone else ;

nirik> | if you are interested in stepping down, perhaps you could work on firing up more interested people to attend meetings first. ;)



Number of EPEL Contributors: 141


Number of source packages: 819

Number of binary packages: 1516

There are 16 new Packages:

  • debootstrap | Bootstrap a basic Debian GNU/Linux system
  • ikarus | An incremental optimizing compiler for R6RS Scheme
  • perl-DateTime | Date and time objects
  • perl-DateTime-Format-Mail | Convert between DateTime and RFC2822/822 formats
  • perl-DateTime-Format-W3CDTF | Parse and format W3CDTF datetime strings
  • perl-Email-Abstract | Unified interface to mail representations
  • perl-Email-Date | Find and format date headers
  • perl-Email-Reply | Reply to an email message
  • perl-Email-Send | Module for sending email
  • perl-Mail-Box | Manage a mailbox, a folder with messages
  • perl-Template-Toolkit | Template processing system
  • perl-Test-Output | Utilities to test STDOUT and STDERR messages
  • perl-Text-Autoformat | Automatic text wrapping and reformatting
  • perl-XML-RSS | Perl module for managing RDF Site Summary (RSS) files
  • qiv | Quick Image Viewer
  • smstools | Tools to send and receive short messages through GSM modems or mobile phones


Number of source packages: 447

Number of binary packages: 895

There are 3 new Packages:

  • debootstrap | Bootstrap a basic Debian GNU/Linux system
  • qiv | Quick Image Viewer
  • smstools | Tools to send and receive short messages through GSM modems or mobile phones