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FUDCon Raleigh 2008


ESSID: rh-wireless
KEY: deadbeef4f00dabcdef6543210


Room Capacity Projector? Whiteboard? Notes
1A 100 Y N Main room on 1st floor.
1B 25 N N Partitioned off area in the big room.
1C 25 N N Training room.
1D 12 N Y Clasroom in front.
1E 8 N Y Classroom in front.
3A 20 Y Y Georgia Tech
3B 20 N N Hat Rack
3C 20 Y Y UVA (end of hall, parking deck side)
3D 20 Y Y Maryland (end of hall, Avent Ferry side)

The rooms on the 3rd floor require badge access, but we will have Red Hat hall monitors to help people get around.

Time Room 1A Room 1B Room 1C Room 1D Room 1E Room 3A Room 3B Room 3C Room 3D
10:15 Fedora for the Enterprise
11:15 Legal Q&A Getting your Parents to Run Fedora Open Source GIS Catalyzing Creative Commons w/Sessions@KNC Fedora Infrastructure Zimbra All things KDE Jigdo
1:30 Fedora TV Perl OLPC/EEE Mirror Wranglers Summer Coding my.Fedora Single Sign On Bug Triage Revisor
2:30 Cobbler Open Source Education Init Asterisk PackageKit
3:30 Yum Intro to RPM Packaging Transifex
4:30 FUNC Fedora Kernel DocBook TurboGears/bodhi Secondary Arches

Maps and General Information

Google Map with hotel, FUDCon, hackfest location, restaurants, etc.

Travel plans to coordinate rides, etc.

More information --

Friday Jan. 11

Hackfest day 1. Meet at the State Club (marked on the map above) at 9:30 AM. Go to the "Chancellor's Reception" area, which should be a pretty big room. If you can't find that, then use room 119 as our meeting place.

For the day, we have room 119, room 224, and the Chancellor's Reception area. There is also another building, the MRC building, on the other side of Lake Raleigh. We have rooms 337 and 463 in that building for the entire day.

Lunch will be provided for everyone at the State Club, but we will have to split into two groups, depending on how many people show up.

Hackfest table:

Saturday Jan. 12

FUDCon itself. Come to Red Hat headquarters (marked on the map above). Doors open 8:30, FUDCon starts at 9:00.

FUDPub will follow... Location, Flying Saucer (328 W Morgan St, Raleigh NC 27601) Time, 6:30PM.

Sunday Jan. 13

Hackfest day 2. Meet at Red Hat headquarters and we will take rooms in the building, since it is the weekend and everything will be empty.

Outstanding Questions

Transportation for folks without cars?

There will be enough people with cars at the hotel that folks should be able to arrange carpools from the hotel to the various locations. It's only about a 5 minute drive.

There are restaurants, etc. within walking distance of the hotel.

Session Minutes

F9 Installation Testing - Morning

F9 Installation Testing - Afternoon

FUDCon Videos