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The Fedora OLPC Project

One Laptop per Child

"In the face of the massive wealth creation that the technology industry has created for so many, we have found it unconscionable that so many could be without the tools and resources to join the digital ecosystems of the 21st century." Matthew Szulik, CEO of Red Hat, as quoted from Red Hat Magazine

The Fedora OLPC Project aims to assist Red Hat and the non-profit OLPC Project in putting inexpensive laptop computers in the hands of children throughout the world. These laptops are simple hardware that is meant to provide valuable learning tools to children, even in developing nations where such technology might otherwise be unavailable to them. Read more about Red Hat's efforts on OLPC at

Get Involved


First: Read our Goals. If you're interested in getting involved the first thing you should do is read our Goals page. This page describes why we're not like other Fedora projects. Some of your expectations need to be reset.

Get It

Second: Play. It's simple enough to get the software so go get it.


Third: Communicate. Join the mailing lists. We're like minded people, we should be talking. The important ones related to OLPC software development are devel and sugar mailing lists.

Make a Difference

Fourth: Contribute Help out with design & development effort on any of the OLPC projects .