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Fedora Community Survey Results

In order to get a broad sense of the needs of the Fedora community, surveys/polls are one means of soliciting input and tabulating results. The purpose of this page is to form an anchor-point from which the results can be shared.

FUDCon/F9 survey - Community Poll - January-February, 2008

In January 2008, the Fedora community was invited via posting to fedora-advisory-board , Fedora Weekly News , and other outlets to participate in a survey about the recent FUDConF9 .

Original survey text

Raw results:

Contributor employment/alignment profile by attendance: File:Marketing Surveys 2bea-attended-yes.pdf Attended] | File:Marketing Surveys 2bea-attended-no.pdf Did not attend]

File:Marketing Surveys fudcon-raleigh-2008-post.pdf Full report] (PDF, 87 KB)

General improvements input survey - Community Poll - November, 2005

In November of 2005, the Fedora community was invited (via announcement to various Fedora mail lists) to participate in a web based survey (hosted on The purpose of this survey was to help identify what they considered to be the key areas for Red Hat to focus for Fedora. Thank you, all respondents! The results of this survey are archived below. This input will be weighed heavily in our internal planning and hiring process.

To view the complete report, look at this PDF file: File:Marketing Surveys FedoraImprovementsSurveyResults.pdf

To help see the trends among the sea of numbers in the report, the following summary of the results was prepared: ["Marketing/Surveys/Summary"]

SCIM Poll - November, 2005

This was a user survey (on Keysurvey) for Fedora users of input methods (mostly Asian users) to get feedback on the Simple Common Input Method system which is being included in FC5 to replace IIIMF for the input of Asian languages. The survey ran during 3 weeks and the results were announced in December: File:Marketing Surveys ScimSurveyResults.pdf pdf report] , File:Marketing Surveys ScimSurveyResults.csv original results table] and File:Marketing Surveys ScimSurveyTranslation.csv English translations] .