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Abandoned proposal
This proposal was reviewed by FPC on 2009-01-06. FPC felt it didn't try hard enough to achieve distribution-wide naming consistency. A more ambitious and invasive proposal was therefore written that supersedes this page.


This proposal is intended to document font package naming. The current naming has always been implicit in our spec templates(1,2), but experience shows some explicit text would help.

The only actual novelty is the use of foundry names, that some packagers have added by themselves in the past (and thus the naming of our current packages is not consistent). Since other distributions also use foundry names, it has been decided in list and irc discussions that making every font package use them was cleaner than asking their removal in the packages that used them.

Renaming of existing packages that fail this stricter rule will wait for the corresponding policy to be finalised. In the meanwhile getting new package named consistently is a net win.

This is one other bit of the list of package cleanups discussed by the Fonts SIG for the Fedora 11 release.

The change

It consists of the addition one paragraph to our current font policy that should be referenced in Packaging/NamingGuidelines.


  1. Fedora font source packages (src.rpm) are named foundryname-fontprojectname-fonts.
  2. Their eventual non-utility subpackages (nosrc.rpm) are named foundryname-fontprojectname-fonts-fontfamilyname.
  3. Font package naming uses the lowercase form.


  • For Fedora purposes a “foundry” is an entity that publishes a set of fonts with consistent font QA rules. Thus a generic hosting service such as Sourceforge is not a foundry, but the Open Font Library is.
  • It is good practice to contract foundryname in a short prefix.
  • When foundryname-fontprojectname or fontfamilyname contain the font or fonts affix, it should be skipped to avoid foofont-fonts packages.
  • When fontprojectname includes foundryname, it is not necessary to repeat it.
  • When fontfamilyname includes fontprojectname or foundryname, it is not necessary to repeat them.
  • The use of the fonts suffix is not dependant on the actual number of font files in the package.

When in doubt, ask the mailing list for clarification.

Font package naming examples
Package name Description
Source packages (src.rpm)
apanov-heuristica-fonts-20081109-3.fc11.src.rpm “Heuristica” font published by Andrey Panov, “apanov”
dejavu-fonts-2.27-7.fc11.src.rpm “DejaVu” fonts of the “DejaVu” project foundry
gfs-didot-classic-fonts-20080702-4.fc11.src.rpm “Didot Classic” font of the Greek Font Society, “gfs”, foundry
google-droid-fonts-1.0.112-1.fc11.src.rpm “Droid” fonts published by “Google”
un-core-fonts-1.0.2-0.6.080608.fc10.src.rpm “UN Core” fonts of the “UN” project
Binary packages (noarch.rpm)
apanov-heuristica-fonts-20081109-3.fc11.noarch.rpm “Heuristica” font published by Andrey Panov
dejavu-fonts-lgc-sans-mono-2.27-7.fc11.noarch.rpm “DejaVu LGC Sans Mono” font of the “DejaVu” project, as part of the “DejaVu” release (subpackage)
gfs-didot-classic-fonts-20080702-4.fc11.noarch.rpm “Didot Classic” font of the Greek Font Society
google-droid-fonts-serif-1.0.112-1.fc11.noarch.rpm “Droid Serif” font published by “Google”, as part of its “Droid” release (subpackage)
un-core-fonts-pilgi-1.0.2-0.6.080608.fc10.noarch.rpm “Pilgi” font published by the “UN” project, as part of its “UN Core” release (subpackage)

Fonts in Fedora
The Fonts SIG takes loving care of Fedora fonts. Please join this special interest group if you are interested in creating, improving, packaging, or just suggesting a font. Any help will be appreciated.