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No Files or Directories under /srv

The FHS says :

" program should rely on a specific subdirectory structure of /srv existing
or data necessarily being stored in /srv. However /srv should always exist on FHS
compliant systems and should be used as the default location for such data.

Distributions must take care not to remove locally placed files in these
directories without administrator permission."

/srv is a poorly implemented section of the FHS, and its intended use case is unclear. At this time, no Fedora package can have any directories or files under /srv.

It is important to note that a Fedora package, once installed, and run by a user, can use /srv as a default location for data. The package simply must not own any directories or files in /srv.

Packages already in Fedora owning files or directories in /srv

Any packages currently in Fedora that own files or directories in /srv must be fixed before Fedora 10.