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This page is out of date
Please see libvirt for up to date information.

This page deals with development of virtualization APIs for Fedora. It is principally interested in libvirt at this time.

libvirt todo

All development on libvirt is independant of the Fedora Project. This todo list simply indicates the priority (wish) list for libvirt functionality needed by Fedora

  • Hot-plug/unplug of devices. In particular to allow CDROM devices to be switched while a guest is running
  • Support for managing inactive Xen domains. eg by scanning for config files /etc/xen
  • Remote management. Allow use of libvirt APIs from a remote machine - currently limited to on-box management
  • QEMU backend. Allow management of QEMU instances using same APIs as for Xen.
  • KVM backend. Could likely re-use 95% of the functionality from QMEU backend.

Anyone interested in volunteering to work on these items should make themselves known to the libvirt mailing list.

Resource monitoring

There is a need for a very low overhead API for colllecting, distributing and processing resource utilization data. eg, Ganglia but with a formal API accessible to applications. A prototype of such a system is in development under the name Spectre .