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This page is out of date
See the upstream websites for e.g. Virt Manager, oVirt, libvirt, cobbler etc..

This page deals with management applications for virtualization in Fedora. These are all being built on top of the virtualization APIs included in Fedora

Virtual Machine Manager (aka virt-manager)

The Virtual Machine Manager application is a desktop GUI built on top of libvirt for managing the lifecycle of virtual machines. It currently supports management of the Xen hypervisor on a local box - the VMWare Workstation use case. The following is a wishlist for work in FC7 (and beyond):

  • Remote (off-node) management
  • QEMU management
  • Ability to change CDROM devices
  • Ability to install paravirt guests off local CD/DVD media
  • Ability to use a cobbler / koan server as the install source
  • Support for non-Fedora paravirtualized install sources (eg, SuSE, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo etc)

Virt Guest Install (aka virtguest-install)

The virtguest-install script provides a command line interface for creation of virtual machines. It uses the same underlying libraries as virt-manager for its work.

Cobbler / Koan provisioning tools

The Cobbler & Koan tools provide a means for provisioning bare metal & virtualized systems in a single toolkit.