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Tasks currently target: Fedora 12 User Guide

Task List

The task list below has four stages:

Fact Check
This stage just changes all factual information so that it syncs up with the facts for F12. If the default browser happens to be Dillo instead of Firefox for this release, the Fact Check stage should reflect this after completion.
(Re)write Chapter
This stage is for two things: re-fact checking and then editing the formatting and organization of sections so that it lines up with all of our conventions. This could mean anything from fixing headers to putting in admons (like the ones at the bottom of this page) to making sure that the standard installation process is referenced instead of including it inline.
This is for the English majors. Make the page grammatically sound while keeping our conventions and a technical writing style in mind. Extra points go for stylizing the writing as long as it doesn't conflict with the core goals of readability and simplicity in comprehension.
Edit Format/XML Conversion
Somebody get this chapter into DocBook XML!
Chapter Status Fact check (Re)write chapter Edit/wordsmith Edit format/XML conversion
User Guide - Introduction Done, provisionally Do again before XML Done (danielsmw) n/a (do this last)
User Guide - The Fedora Desktops
User Guide - Logging in Draft In progress Rewritten (danielsmw) Assign me! Not ready
User Guide - Tour of the GNOME Desktop
User Guide - Tour of the KDE Desktop
User Guide - Tour of the Xfce Desktop
User Guide - Media
User Guide - Connecting to the Internet
User Guide - Accessing the Web
User Guide - Communications
User Guide - Office Tools
User Guide - Financial Software
User Guide - Playing Multimedia
User Guide - Playing Games
User Guide - Managing Photos
User Guide - Sharing Your Desktop
User Guide - Customizing the Desktop
User Guide - Managing Software

Notes to Contributors

Application Installations

Whenever we discuss an application not installed by default, we should put a note about having to install it. The note should look like this:

Of course, this should be edited according to the application name, package name, and application home page, but try to use this template for consistency's sake.

  • Also note that I just made this convention up, so don't feel like you should have known this before. If you have suggestions or comments, let me know.

--Danielsmw 15:08, 25 February 2009 (UTC)

Advanced Topics

Whenever we add something that would be nice to have in the user's guide but isn't necessary for the basic desktop user who just migrated fresh from Windows (example: discussion of FTP programs, advanced discussion of yum on the command line), we should add a template to let the confused user know not to worry about this section if they don't want to. This is what I've come up with right now:

Advanced Usage
This content is written for the more advanced user. It assumes that you are comfortable with the command line and have a relatively good knowledge of Linux terminology. It is probably not necessary to using Fedora as a desktop user, but can help a desktop user expand his or her knowledge base and face more complicated troubleshooting issues.

That, again, is just my current idea until someone suggests or comments on that. Let me know in IRC or on the list. --Danielsmw 15:08, 25 February 2009 (UTC)