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How to Print CD/DVD Artwork

We're going to use a tool called glabels. It's awesome for printing a whole bunch of stuff like business cards and mailing labels, but it is also awesome for printing CD and DVD labels. It comes with many templates for CD and DVD labels already built in.

Sticker Labels: Step-By-Step

Step 1: Get All the Materials You Need

  • You'll need a printer, of course! Inkjet or laser, color or greyscale, any is fine.
  • You'll need to download some artwork for the label - we have a library here: Artwork/CDArt .
  • You'll need labels to print on. Here's a list of some that glabels supports out of the box, with links to order them online:

Label List

US Letter


(couldn't find any but one of these online)

  • Avery 8676
  • Avery J8676
  • Databecker 0335
  • Databecker 0368
  • Fellows 04715
  • Herma 5079
  • LeLabel 2001.018
  • MediaLine 760-50475
  • Neato A4 CD
  • Pressit 50blank CD labels Purchase
  • Ryman Standard CD/DVD
  • Stomper Pro A4: CD Labels 2up
  • Zweckform 3654
  • Zweckform 6015

Step 2: Get the artwork you need

  • Download the file you need... you may use SVG format files or PNG format files. We have a nice library of disc labels for Fedora here: Artwork/CDArt

Step 3: Install glabels

Nice and simple :)

su -c 'yum install glabels'

Step 4: Import and Position the Artwork

File:Artwork CDArt HowTo newlabelwizard.png

File:Artwork CDArt HowTo labelafterimport.png

File:Artwork CDArt HowTo resizedlabel.png

  1. Start glabels (on Fedora 8 it's in Applications > Office > gLabels Label Designer)
  2. Create a new file (File > New)
  3. Under media type, pick either US Letter or A4, whichever corresponds to the labels you have. Also choose the label set you have and hit 'OK.'
  4. You'll see one disc on screen. Don't worry, if the labels have two discs on them, glabels will duplicate/repeat the design on both of them for you.
  5. Create an image object. You can do this by clicking on the little photo icon on the toolbar or by choosing Objects > Create Object > Image from the file menu. This will select the image object tool - you'll notice your cursor change. Click and drag onto the CD template area. It doesn't matter how big you drag it out or where you drag it to; it'll look like a big checkboard.
  6. Now we are going to import the artwork file you have. Click on the image checkboard you just created. You'll see a set of tabs on the right side of the screen. Click on the "Browse..." button there, and select the artwork you saved in Step 2 in the file chooser.
  7. The artwork might appear small or misaligned when you first import it. This is fine you can fine-tune it as needed. Click the center of the image and drag it around to move it around the disc area. Click and drag on the green handles around the image to resize it (note: there is no way to resize proportionally that I know of using these handles. :( ) If you would like the image to be resized very exactly, click on the "Size" tab on the right-hand size of the screen. If you click the "Reset Image Size" button, it will resize the image to it's native size pixel-for-pixel, 100%. If the chain link is unbroken next to the width and height form items, you may also use those to proportionally size the artwork.

Step 5: Print the Artwork

  • This part is pretty easy. :) Click the printer button, or click on File > Print.
  • The options at this point are pretty self-explanatory. :)