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F8 Abstract Theme

  • an abstract style
  • probably vector, easy for lines, waves, opacity etc.
  • low on branding
  • different direction to others
  • keep the blue theme but not as strictly
  • show the power of FOS(art)S
  • consider two versions, basic & more developed for final
  • consider the Mist theme that was default on F7 and possibly Echo
  • quite easy to geneate ideas if creativity is low
  • Quote Nicu: "the basic theme can be an extremely simplified and stylized shape illustrating the base metaphor as the complex theme. For example a basic F7 theme would be a big rounded blob (the balloon) and a few wavy stripes (the sky)"

Important information about this theme
I have received comments that the design of the sun rays/explosions may cause offence to some people because of implicit historical references. Specifically, the sun rays remind those people of the WWII Japanese flag. I will modify the design as soon as possible, in order to rectify this problem. Please see the bottom of this page for more info on this. I am very sorry for any offence I may have - unintentionally - caused.

Collected images for ideas:

three with a similar theme, kind of remind me of moholy-nagy's works:

ideas from fedora forum discussion


File:Artwork F8ThemeAbstract LinesAndCircles1.jpg

Logo in corne with lines of varying thickness and lengths centred to it. 3D-ish logo cicles also add to the busyness of the corner.

Also, a slight (I'm talking 10-15% here) overlay to add interest to the other sides, Asian sun style. I think this is used in a few wallpapers I've seen... :-p

Started a digital version. As mentioned in it is an Illustrator CS File:Artwork F8ThemeAbstract LinesAndCircles1.svg SVG] and the following export:

File:Artwork F8ThemeAbstract LinesAndCircles1a.png

  • MartinSourada: The pencil sketch is nice and when I looked at it I got an idea... So I put quickly something together... It's really simple, quite technocratic IMHO and goes well with the icons on desktop (as there is nearly no detail at all). It's quick sketch and does not look very nice, but the idea is clean, I think... I attach 16:10 png and File:Artwork F8ThemeAbstract SimplyAbstract1.svg 4:3 SVG] :

File:Artwork F8ThemeAbstract SimplyAbstract1.png

Round Two


Latest version, dated 5th August:


  • Used the aforementioned sun-style background with bluey colours. Experimenting with the number, thickness and - therefore - arrangement of them gives a darker majority with lighter highlights.
  • Nicu suggested the white bars and lines should be softer; the outline of the bars could be a dark blue. I have done these for versions o onwards.

  • Colours: Background - #004e81 / Inside Box - #005c9e.
  • This one is perhaps the most simple graphic. I've been thinking that the graphics should build up as the system starts, i.e. GRUB should have little details with little colours, GRUB has more detail, RHGB has less detail but high colours and GDM/wallpaper is both high.
  • Has a fade on all four sides so it fits into the background seamlessly.
GRUB Splash
  • Have tried this one out more and removed some elements so they do not hinder the readability of the text. The logo is at the bottom-right for this one so it does not land GNU GRUB... etc. upon it. Even the password facility has enough room for around 15 chrs under the wavey line.
Anaconda CD/DVD Prompt
  • Unable to full test this but I think it will work well with the logo and text separate, especially tucking the text in under the wavey line.

Comments welcome on the fedora-art-list.

Feedback Recieved

  • The WWII Flag of Japanese Navy & Army to Asian people is similar to Nazi Logo to European people. Especially former flag to Chinese people and latter logo to Jewish people. Please the original designer rethink the impact to public. See here
  • This might shock some people, the association of the cross and halo has a religious connotation. My own opinion is it shouldn't be the default theme of Fedora 8. See here

My Intentions

  • Thick/thin lines, possibly alternating or just different ratio, as in earlier version
  • gradients making a lighter area where there is currently nothing up to a 75% opacity where there is currently the filed areas - bumpy effect?
  • wavey paths of areas, the explosions are not straight but would not look like an explosion
  • curved paths in neat style, similar to fireworks falloff