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Fedora Infinity Round 3 Scratch Area

Infinite Structure to Infinite Lines

I've been playing around a lot with the final infinite structure mockup from round 2:

Artwork F8Themes Infinity Round3Scratch IS-purple-dark.png

[[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_IS-purple-dark.svg]] SVG Source] [[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_IS-purple-dark_1600x1200.png]] 1600x1200 PNG]

I got a lot of positive feedback about the color scheme on IRC in #fedora-devel and from showing it to some folks in person, so I thought I'd stick with that color scheme (a number of folks asked if we could PLEASE not have an ALL BLUE background again ;-) ) and play around with the composition. So first, I played with the perspective. The original from round 2 fades into the top edge of the screen. Not as much opportunity for shininess or BLING there, so I thought I'd try a perspective that lent itself more to shiny reflections, adding a floor to the image composition as well:

Artwork F8Themes Infinity Round3Scratch IS-purple-dark 2.png

[[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_IS-purple-dark_2.svg]] SVG Source] [[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_IS-purple-dark_2_1600x1200.png]] 1600x1200 PNG]

I showed the two one after the other to RayStrode and WarrenTogami and somehow the shininess on the bottom didn't seem to impress much. :) Basically they were equally 'meh' about these two. So I played with various forms of bling, settling on adding what I think is a more sophisticated version of the Fedora Borealis mockups from the F7 process:

Artwork F8Themes Infinity Round3Scratch IS-purple-dark 2bling.png

[[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_IS-purple-dark_2bling.svg]] SVG Source] [[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_IS-purple-dark_2bling_1600x1200.png]] 1600x1200 PNG]

I showed this to RayStrode, and he thought I was onto something. But he still felt 'meh' about the bridge structure. So I tried an alternative - some graceful lines (I was inspired by [A photo of a sea anemone ) gathering from multiple points and together as a strong thread, ascending to the top of the screen, fading out into the brightness and sparkles:

Artwork F8Themes Infinity Round3Scratch infinitelines1.png

[[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines1.svg]] SVG Source] [[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines1_1600x1200.png]] 1600x1200 PNG]

I rather like this image, because it reminds me of the old story about the Iroquois Nation I learned in school - the Iroquois Native Americans were a federation of many different tribes of the Northeastern United States. They came together as a united nation, and one of the stories told about the formation of this nation talk about how each tribe was seperately a single arrow, easy to break. But together, they were a bunch of arrows, which is much harder to break. Fedora is made up of a lot of folks from all around the world, and alone each person might not be able to accomplish Fedora, but all together we can built a great OS.

Anyhow I think I'm finally happy with this design. What do you think???



Could be used for login screen, etc.

Artwork F8Themes Infinity Round3Scratch infinitelines-plain.png

[[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines-plain-1024.png]] 1024x768 PNG] [[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines-plain.svg]] SVG] [[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines-plain.xcf]] XCF]


Artwork F8Themes Infinity Round3Scratch infinitelines-shifted.png

[[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines-shifted-1024.png]] 1024x768 PNG] [SVG is the same as the one below, just shifted. promise!] [[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines-shifted.xcf]] XCF]


Processed using layer blending in the Gimp. These three all use the Inkscape SVG source here: [[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines1.svg]] SVG Source]

Artwork F8Themes Infinity Round3Scratch infinitelines-1.png

[[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines-1-1600.png]] 1600x1200 PNG] [[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines-1.xcf]] XCF]

Artwork F8Themes Infinity Round3Scratch infinitelines-2.png

[[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines-2-1600.png]] 1600x1200 PNG] [[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines-2.xcf]] XCF]

Artwork F8Themes Infinity Round3Scratch infinitelines-3.png

[[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines-3-1600.png]] 1600x1200 PNG] [[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines-3.xcf]] XCF]

Lighter Touch

Artwork F8Themes Infinity Round3Scratch infinitelines-lightertouch.png

[[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines-lightertouch-1600.png]] 1600x1200 PNG] [[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines-lightertouch-1600.svg]] SVG]

Artwork F8Themes Infinity Round3Scratch infinitelines-lightertouch-plain.png

[[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines-lightertouch-plain-1600.png]] 1600x1200 PNG] [[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines-lightertouch-plain-1600.svg]] SVG]

Artwork F8Themes Infinity Round3Scratch infinitelines-lightertouch-anaconda.png

[[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines-lightertouch-anaconda.svg]] SVG]


Vertical Design

Artwork F8Themes Infinity Round3Scratch infinitelines-vert-logo.png [[[Image:Artwork_F8Themes_Infinity_Round3Scratch_infinitelines-vert-logo.svg]] SVG]