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F9 Themes - Freedom

Note: due to lack of refinement and lack of time, this Freedom theme proposal was pulled out of the running for Fedora 9 by its author MichaelBeckwith, with the intention to revive it for Fedora 10

Following the motto of "Infinity Freedom Voice" that Fedora uses, and with Fedora 8 using "Infinty", I propose "Freedom". I'll supply some other ways that Freedom could be represented as I get them sketched out, but for now this will do for getting the page up.

File:Artwork F9Themes Freedom freedomsketch.png

Removed all text from the sketches, and did up some new ideas. First one being just a closeup of a chain, with part of it breaking. Relatively abstract, but can still express the idea at hand.

File:Artwork F9Themes Freedom brokenchain.png

This next one was one that I thought up when someone pointed out that hand position can mean different things to different cultures. I moved away from the person at the of the chain, and moved over to what the person is attached to: a wall. This one also presents a chance for something to change color, ala F8 and it.s gradually changing colors. This one presents a window with potential to expand on what a window would present like light beams coming in.

File:Artwork F9Themes Freedom chainwall.png

If anyone has any other ideas of how one could visually represent freedom in some way, feel free to contact me or suggest it on the mailing list.

Round 2

Here is what I have for round 2. Not quite as refined as I'd like, but with the extended week, I hope to work on them a bit more.

File:Artwork F9Themes Freedom freedom-wallpaper.png

File:Artwork F9Themes Freedom freedom-square.png

File:Artwork F9Themes Freedom freedom-vertical.png

File:Artwork F9Themes Freedom freedom-horizontal.png

designed by MichaelBeckwith