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Automating Bugzilla


This works, after a fashion. For some things, this module is broken (e.g. bug states doesn't include the additions RH has to bug states), for other bits, there are workarounds.

The main issue is that "goto bug#" form RH has at the top of just about every BZ page. WWW::Bugzilla isn't expecting this, and so tries to submit new/updates via that form, vs the second (proper) form on the page. doesn't like this very much, for understandable reasons.

The workaround is to set the form name of the underlying WWW::Mechanize directly, before calling commit, e.g.,





While this seems to be a matter of some sort of "dark secret", there are a number of useful calls that can be made via bugzilla's XML-RPC interface. This page will talk about the known methods, and give examples in perl. Examples in other scripting languages are also welcome :)

Connecting via XML-RPC

Easy enough, using the perl module XMLRPC::Lite:

my $proxy = XMLRPC::Lite->proxy('');

You can access the interface by using the above proxy, a la:

my $soapres = $proxy->call(
'bugzilla.addComment',    # method name
'perl-Net-CUPS',          # bug # or alias
$comment,                 # text for the comment
'',       # userid
'difficult'               # password

However, it's likely I'll be using this enough to wrap it in a Bugzilla::RedHat module or somesuch.


method name:: bugzilla.addComment parameters:: bug # or alias
text of the comment
password optional parameters:: isprivate (flag) (?)
timestamp (?)
worktime (?) returns:: people emailed, people not emailed


method name:: bugzilla.createBug parameters:: bug fields
password optional parameters:: none returns:: bug #

"bug fields" parameter

Data is passed to this method as a reference to a hash of key/value pairs. Known keys are listed below, unknown keys appear to be ignored:

product:: e.g. 'Fedora Extras' component:: e.g. 'perl-Foo' dependson:: bugs that block this bug version:: component version, e.g., 'fc6', 'devel' op_sys:: 'Linux', rep_platform:: platform this impacts, typically 'All' bug_severity:: e.g. 'normal', priority:: e.g. 'normal' short_desc:: the summary, e.g. "Won't complile with latest rawhide" comment:: a longer, initial comment bug_file_loc:: the "url" field alias:: an alias for the bug cc:: email addresses to cc assigned_to:: person the bug is assigned to


my %bug_values = (
product      => $test ? 'Bugzilla' : 'Fedora Extras',
component    => $test ? 'test'     : 'Package Review',
depends_on   => $test ? ''         : $opts{dependson},
version      => 'devel',
op_sys       => 'Linux',
rep_platform => 'All',
bug_severity => 'normal',
priority     => 'normal',

short_desc   => $summary,
comment      => $comment,
bug_file_loc => $rpm->url,
alias        => $rpm->name,

exists $opts{dependson} && ($bug_values{dependson} = $opts{dependson});

<!--# create a bug: %bug_values
my $soapres = $proxy->call('bugzilla.createBug',


my $res = $soapres->result;

my $bug_num = shift @$res;