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Using the Pi for robot purposes. A nice mobile computer at the heart of a machine.

  • Define the bot
  • Choosing the right parts
  • Building
  • Programming/controlling your machine


Goal oriented meetings-

BAMF has a goal of trying to use the most creative, least expensive options possible. (We don't want to discourage folks that feel like spending large sums of cash. We will be more than happy to help with gold plated ventures also).

We want to encourage personal projects and provide a framework for learning new skills.


Some people will opt for buying off the shelf technology to make things easier Ready made Bluetooth cars for example

Many will look at repurposing options like a Roomba, for reasons of thrift or just the difficulty

Society of Robots states You will learn skills ranging from electronics, mechanics, controls, programming, and even as broad as understanding animal behavior and human psychology. For your first attempt; take the KISS approach: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

HeaterMeter a bbq thermometer that allows you to monitor temp anywhere. (Possible integration with BBQpad?)



Building to the Summer of Robot Love

  1. Learn to use the processor. What can a Pi do that Arduino can't?
  2. Learn to use the processor to drive 2 or more motors somehow. Listen to your Pi.
  3. Build a car: this involves wheels, axles, some sort of steering mechanism. This is a good thing to do as part of a group. Input from multiple eyes is good.
  4. Learn to use sensors (in difficulty that should be before 2, it's much easier than motors)
  5. Put it together. Test and refine.
  6. Robots...




  • G+/IRC on #BAMF (Freenode)
  • Vote on group project(s)


Motors/sensors. Great article on things to attach -Pi Spy UK


  • Picking the right parts
  • Keep it cheap
    • Identify sources for re-using machines/parts
  1. 1PM Newer users gather; Basics of Pi (what to expect), dd fun, and trying Distros <<<<<<<< this will link to class outline. Flag-waving project (or similar)
  2. 3:30 - 4:00 FOOD
  3. 4:30 Advanced gathering Plan your robot. Look at parts suppliers. <Insert your project here>



  • Wii controller
  • Bluetooth from phone/laptop
  • Autonomy



Robot show/competition/party Programming knowledge is scheduled every month.


Robots? Yes.

Really? Should the townsfolk be scared? No. They will be nice, following the Three Laws

Why ARM? ARM chips are the most widely-produced processor family in the world; they have historically been used in cell phones and embedded applications, but were originally designed as desktop processors, and are increasingly used in tablet devices and low-power-consumption servers.

  • Low Power Consumption / Better efficiencies
  • High levels of device integration -- "system on a chip" designs, with reduced space and cooling requirements
  • Readily available from multiple vendors
  • Low cost

The Fedora-ARM project is an initiative to bring Fedora to this processor family. Read more here