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BPG-InfoTech free/libre Georgian Unicode fonts


A set of Georgian Unicode fonts created by ბესარიონ გუგუშვილი (Besarion Paata Gugushvili, BPG-InfoTech) and kindly released under the GPL with font exception for Linux users.


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BPG-fonts TTF GPL with font exception 483865 bpg-fonts bpg-fonts

Big pack of 15 font files


  1. This new release uses different font names than the old one, so it will require some substitution rules in fontconfig.
  2. All the font files declare different family names and "Regular" as font face, but some of those are clearly different faces of the same font so they should be grouped in the same subpackage.
  3. There is no English description of the fonts that I could find, so unless a Georgian translator can be found to translate upstream's info, our descriptions will by necessity be limited.

Additional information

The author is awesome; when asked to confirm that he did release under the GPL some fonts that could be found in other distributions he:

  • released new versions of those on his own site with clear licensing statement
  • added the GPL font exception
  • added other fonts not GPL-ed before

All of this less than 9 hours after the mail query was sent (most of those being night in Georgia).

It would be a disgrace if we took too long to process them now, or if their found their way in other distributions before ours.


  • currently, our Georgian support is limited to one font family (DejaVu glyphs by the same author). That's sad for our Georgian users, they have no choice.
  • the old version of those fonts is present in many other distributions, so shipping them is an interoperability requirement.

Fonts in Fedora
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