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Badges Virtual Hackfest, 2019


September 13 & 14th 2019


Event Description

Virtual hackfest to work on Fedora Badges. We will primarily be focused on design related tasks. The work we plan to do is based on the goals outlined in this proposed Badges Hackfest as well as discussions at Flock 2019.

Ticket Triage

- Closed 59 inactive badge issues on pagure

- Left open bugs and issues with artwork approved

Identify active badge designs that need corrections

- Wrong size

- Does not fit style guide

- Does not fit design standards


- quality/consistency/design standards for Badges

- badge policy (what gets badge-ified or not)

- UI/UX for website overhaul, usability report

Review style guide and update

Review wiki, docs pages and update if necessary

Event Owners


Event Schedule

September 13th, 2019 7PM-???

September 14th, 2019 10AM-???