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Base Working Group Resources
  • IRC: #fedora-base on freenode
  • Mailing list: (with [Base] prefix)


  • The Base working group meets weekly every Monday at 14:15 UTC in #fedora-meeting-2 channel.


This is the home for the Base working group, which is the team of people working on putting together the Fedora Base product.

Mission Statement


The goal of Fedora Base is to provide a standard platform with common technologies, frameworks and APIs for all Fedora products.

What is Base

In order to achieve this goal these are the actual more direct points to highlight what we try to achieve:

  • Definition of the Base: Installer, compose tools, minimal install (for some definition there), and functionality the majority products want to use
  • Based on feedback from other WGs, provide a API and/or ABI stability for a specific release rather than simply package versions/releases
  • The experience from functionalities provided by Base are expected to be consistent across different Fedora products
  • => Keep Base as small as possible while still providing functionality most of the products would use
  • Release cycle and lifespan are still TBD and will be based on feedback by other WGs and their requirements (FESCO ticket)

What Base is NOT

A few things to clarify what we believe the Base Design should not be/do:

  • Base is not a full product
    • => No DVD images
    • => Very limited comps (minimal and base currently)
    • => Only provides a bare bones sytem when installed
    • => May not even be a first-class installable item
  • Other stuff... (TBD)


As Base is supposed to deliver a basic platform for other products and we would like to keep it as small as possible in order for the derived products to be more flexible, the current idea is to work with a really small package set.

The current list of key packages for Base we see are:

  • kernel
  • rpm
  • yum (to be replaced by dnf when it's ready)
  • dracut
  • systemd

as a minimal set of package and functionality. On top of that though we think Base should be self hosting and some installer backend framework should exist in Base so every product can rely on that. This would extend the list with:

  • gcc
  • anaconda or pungi (if only the framework for image generation is needed)

Using Fedora 20 as a baseline for repoqueries, this nets the following interesting results, all generated with

repoquery --arch=ppc64,noarch --requires --resolve --recursive

Key pkgs # of req pkgs link to pkglist
kernel rpm yum 125 pkglist
kernel rpm yum gcc 133 pkglist
kernel rpm yum gcc pungi 228 pkglist
kernel rpm yum gcc anaconda 713 pkglist

Use cases





Need to change packaging rules to not require things like systemd or kernel.

rpm -q --whatrequires kernel
rpm -q --whatrequires systemd | wc -l

Neither of these packages are required in a docker container.



Meeting Frequency and Times

  • The Base working group meets on a weekly basis in the #fedora-meeting-2 channel (announced no later than 24 hours before a meeting on the mailing list with [Base] prefix.
  • If there is no agenda posted to the mailing list within 24 hours before a meeting is set to start, the meeting is cancelled and the group leader / FESCo liaison will send out a cancellation notice to the mailing list.
  • The Base working group meets every Monday at 14:15 UTC
  • In the case where a voting member can not make a meeting where a vote is scheduled to happen, they can either pre-vote via the mailing list or abstain-by-default.
  • During meetings, silence indicates consent. If people disagree, then that will bring it to a vote.
  • After meetings, meeting minutes will be sent to both the mailing list with [Base] prefix

Managing and Tracking Progress

  • Working documents for the group will be stored here on the Fedora project wiki.
  • Agenda items, decisions, and issues will also be stored here on the Fedora project wiki until which time the group decides it is not scalable and another tool would be more suitable.


Approved Documents

Working Documents


Meeting Minutes

Date Agenda Blog Summary Mailing List Thread Raw Logs
Friday, November 8, 2013 Governance discussion & draft (Proposal: Review other WGs governance drafts & create our own based on those)
Regular meeting times (stay with Friday 15:00 PM or move somewhere else?)
Base mailing list discussion (yes/no, pros/cons)
QE representation discussion (who, how, status, etc)
Role of Base Design group discussion -> Start of collecting ideas for Base Design. Proposal: Use wiki Maybe something like a mission statement first that relates to the idea that the Base Design is the platform for all other direct Fedora products (there can potentially be other separate products based on our original products or others consuming Base in the future)
Container technology
Minutes Logs

Older meeting minutes ...