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The release of Beefy Miracle-F17 will be a big event, and parties will be expecting all over the world to celebrate. The Fedora Project will be awarding a prize to the best photograph of a Beefy Miracle release celebration, so that we can record the moment of the release.

How to enter

    • To enter photographs for the competition, you can either:
      • Upload your images to any website (like Flickr, Picasa),tagging them with 'Beefy Miracle parties'
      • Add your photo links below
      • Email them to the Groups mailing list(will be place here soon)
    • Your photographs should be licensed with the [Ambassadors]

Prize and judging

    • The best picture will be chosen by Our Judge's team. Pictures should convey the sense of celebration at their event.
    • The first three winner will be awarded a good prizes.

Add your photos link Here

No Your Team/individual Name Contact Email Link to your photos The best photo from your party
01(example) Fedora-My [Photo] [Best photo]