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This is a Marketing SOP that describes how to write a beta announcement for a Fedora operating system release. According to the task schedule for upcoming version, the beta release announcement must be ready to occur on release day. Work on the announcement can begin at any time but its peak window of productivity is 17 days prior to the beta release. It should be complete by a week before the operating system beta release.

Note: The purpose of the release announcement is to let the community know how awesome this release is to encourage download and installation. The release notes are a separate more extensive document to be a reference for those who have installed.

Items for the Release announcement process need to be moved over to here.


You can see examples of past beta release announcements at Beta announcement.


Step 1

Gather information on this upcoming beta release and its features.

Step 2

Start writing on the wiki

Step 3

Proofread. Discussion on the Fedora marketing list will follow with release announcement candidates. Being open at this stage in the process will reduce last-second edits later. Contact Feature Wrangler for review to make sure announced Features were delivered in the beta release.

Step 4

Attend the beta release readiness meeting. This is last call for changes.

Step 5

Release on beta release date.

Beta announcement is usually sent by Release Engineering or Program Manager to (at least) Fedora announce, devel-announce and test-announce mailing lists.


Template 1

Beta announcement template is based on Fedora 13's announcement.

Template 2

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