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Release Meetings DRAFT

In order to sanely coordinate our releases, we should have regular release meetings. These meetings should be at least weekly, possibly semiweekly near the end of freeze cycles.

Time: TBD, pending approval of required attendees

Attendees: Representatives from:

  • Fedora Release Engineering
  • Fedora QA
  • Fedora Docs
  • Fedora L10N
  • Fedora Infrastructure
  • Representatives of major subsystems of Fedora
  • Kernel
  • KDE
  • others?
  • Other attendees as requested. These would generally be representatives for particular features or subprojects that need discussed. (Example: someone from LiveCD, or someone working on TeX.)

Agenda: Including, but not limited to:

  • Freeze status and schedules
  • Test status of current trees
  • Blocking bugs
  • Potential slips
  • Feature status
  • Coordination of subgroups (handoff of release notes to rel-eng, for example)

Reports from these meetings would be made to FESCo, and to the Fedora board.