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mw-render is a part of a rather expansive python package for converting MediaWiki pages to other formats. We would like to come up with a strategy for replacing mw-render.


For some time, mw-render has been used to convert the Release Notes Beats to html. Although mw-render itself doesn't do a complete job, with the addition of a little sed script, the conversion of the beats to release notes can be quite painless.

However, the package containing mw-render was dropped in Fedora 15. The package itself is not especially pretty, and it is easy to see why nobody is interested in maintaining it. The package has many tentacles but the only thing of interest (to Docs anyway), is mw-render.


Of course, in fantasyland, some mega-hacker would show up and grok together a solution during the hackfest, but more likely, let's come up with a strategy for a replacement that can be implemented relatively easily. Having something in place for F17 would be great, but not absolutely necessary as jjmcd still has a system available which can support mw-render.