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Fedora Project Board Meeting (2006-12-01)



  • MaxSpevack
  • MattDomsch
  • JeremyKatz
  • SethVidal
  • ChristopherBlizzard
  • ["PaulWFrields"]
  • BillNottingham
  • RahulSundaram
  • GregDeKoenigsberg

Invited guests:

  • JesseKeating

Not Present:


IRC Log: Media:Board_Meetings_2006(2d)12(2d)01_fedora-board-20061201.txt

General Business

Hiring Infrastructure Leader

Max has an open job requisition for the Fedora Project Infrastructure Leader. Members of the board will assist with screening applications and performing phone interviews. If you're interested, submit your resume through Red Hat's careers system and email it to Max directly.

Increase Revenue / Decrease Expenses

Can Fedora do some things to potentially increase Fedora and/or Red Hat revenue? Fedora LiveCD project could produce a RHEL LiveCD too for demo purposes. Other ideas welcome. Red Hat donates several million dollars towards bandwidth for Fedora - we don't have good stats on how much our mirrors effectively donate. We need better mirror management tools, under development by the Infrastructure team.

Copyright Assignment

Right now, to edit pages on the fp.o wiki, you need to be in the EditGroup, which requires having a signed CLA, because we never know which pages in the wiki may make it into official Fedora or Red Hat documentation. The process of getting into EditGroup can take a while and is several steps - can that be streamlined?