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After reviewing how the Board Strategic Goals were not driven by the Board after they were published, the Board decided that this year (2011/2012) they would try to take personal responsibility for driving forward certain goals that they wanted to see done in Fedora to implement the Strategic Goals.

Personal goals and status

Rex Dieter

Goal: Sponsor three new contributors this year

  • The full package: sponsor, mentor, get them visible within the community
  • Packaging since that's what Rex knows but he can also try to take people through other areas as well

Guillermo Gomez

Toshio Kuratomi

  • taking over Fixing the Feature Process

Rudi Landmann

Goal: Streamlining the docs publishing process

  • Current process is cumbersome and fragile
  • Multifaceted including a number of teams


David Nalley

Jaroslav Reznik

Peter Robinson

Jon Stanley

Cristoph Wickert

Goal: Revamp the elections guidelines