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The Fedora Project Board holds at least monthly public meetings. In the past these meetings have been held via IRC. The Board is piloting use of the Fedora Talk system to stream our public meeting starting in March 2010. Depending on the results and feedback, we may move to this method for public meetings permanently.

100% free and open source!
We are using Asterisk, Icecast, and Ogg Vorbis to provide this service to the community. Help support free and open media on the web by spreading the word!
Want to listen?
You can find the audio stream here or at

Then click the M3U link to launch your desktop media player. Need help?

About the meeting

The board will read questions on the IRC channel, repeat them for the listening audience, and then answer them via the audio stream. This setup promotes an orderly process when the Board takes questions or open issues. The length of the meeting will depend on availability of the Board members and interest from the community.

We look forward to seeing community members at the meeting. We also hope you will enjoy hearing the Board at work, and encourage you to ask questions.

Joining the meeting


Use an IRC client to join IRC Freenode ( at #fedora-board-questions.

How to communicate using IRC


Visit the Icecast page at this link. Look for the M3U link and click it. Your desktop media player should launch, and after a little bit of buffering time you'll hear audio. Remember that the conference may take a bit of time to start.

If you're running either of the following, you should be able to listen to the stream:

  • Fedora or another Linux-based operating system
  • Firefox 3.5+ on any operating system (Linux, Windows, MacOS)

Some proprietary platforms intentionally make it difficult for people to use free and open media. You may be able to find the support you need here at the Ogg Vorbis site.


My media player won't launch, but I'm running a pretty recent Linux.
Point your web browser at this page.
Right-click the M3U link and choose Copy link location.
Open your favorite media player using the main menu. Choose Open URL or Open web location, right click in the box that appears, and choose Paste. Then select OK or Go to open the link.
I'm a terminal junkie. What about me?
Open a terminal, type ogg123 and a space, and then paste in the M3U link above.
I can't hear the audio.
Make sure your speakers are on and set properly.
Using the volume control applet on your desktop, make sure the sound card's output volume is set properly.
Use the gnome-volume-control application or select System > Preferences > Sound from your main menu, or use your desktop's volume control application to check the sound volume.