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Bodhi UX review

Bodhi Redesign



  1. To improve the web interface and make it more intuitive for the users

User Identification

Currently we have identified some users for the our Bodhi Redesign project. We have divided them into the following categories:

  1. Testers and release engineers who frequently use the web application
  2. Packagers/ Developers who sometimes use the web UI as well as the command line interface
  3. Any user from the open source community

Initial User walk through

The idea is to understand what problems the user is facing when they use the web application interface. For this purpose, we did two initial user walk through based on the users we had identified.

07/12/2016 : User Walk through - 1

Role : Tester

Use cases that need improvement:

  1. No download link for the koji (The user was describing it as a drop down menu in case of multiple downloads) and command line download link as well
  2. Karma cycle is very confusing as he could not figure out the functionality of the untested button.
  3. No direct contact link to the submitter.
  4. Updates to the bugzilla.


  1. Previous searches
  2. Edit the replies to the thread.

29/12/2016 : User Walk through - 2

Role : Packager/Developer

Some of the use cases that we identified included the following:

  1. Some wasted space can be improved as shown in the link (check the arrows in the margin.png file):[1]
  2. Some ideas about the "New override" It will be interesting to be able to submit more than 1 package at a time as we can for "new update".
  3. There is a need to have a check-box for being able to "push to stable" various package in a single action
  4. It could also be nice to be able to change the content like "number of lines" in list or the "time in testing"


The content under these tabs can be changed as follows :

  1. The "status" can have some more refined content which can be filtered according to "status since"
  2. Similarly "testing" can be filtered according to "testing for 7 days" or "Stable for 2 months"

This would allow the user to have more accurate information about the current state of the process

Pre-Interview User Survey

A survey link was sent across the devel and tests mailing lists. The results and responses can be viewed here [[2]]

User Interviews

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