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Using the bodhi command-line interface

Installing the client

Bodhi 2 is distributed with Fedora >= 26. If you are on an older Fedora version, you can install bodhi 2 from Copr:

$ sudo dnf copr enable bowlofeggs/bodhi
$ sudo dnf update bodhi-client

Manual page

You can read Bodhi's man page online, or you can read it on your system:

$ man bodhi

Create or query overrides

Submitting a new override

bodhi overrides save [options] <name-version-release>

For example, you successfully built version 1.12.0 of the mocha package for f25, with a release value of 3. The command would be:

$ bodhi overrides save --duration=4 --user=willi --notes="Useful details" mocha-1.12.0-3.fc25
willi's mocha-1.12.0-3.fc20 override (expires 2016-12-30 16:21:17)

Query overrides

$ bodhi overrides query --user=willi

Querying updates

$ bodhi updates query

View all updates for a given package

$ bodhi updates query --packages=rakudo-star

View updates by status

$ bodhi updates query --status testing --releases f25

Submitting a new update for multiple builds

$ bodhi updates new --request=testing --notes="update to 2016.11" \
> --type=enhancement --user gerd nqp-0.0.2016.11-1.fc25,moarvm-0.2016.11-1.fc25
     nqp-0.0.2016.11-1.fc25 moarvm-0.2016.11-1.fc25
  Update ID: FEDORA-2016-cd7e9b089e
    Release: Fedora 25
     Status: pending
       Type: enhancement
      Karma: 0
    Request: testing
      Notes: update to 2016.11
  Submitter: gerd
  Submitted: 2016-12-13 23:34:59
   Comments: bodhi - 2016-12-13 23:34:59 (karma 0)
             This update has been submitted for testing by gerd.

Changing the state of an update

The state should be one of testing, stable, unpush, obsolete or revoke.

Pushing an update to stable

$ bodhi updates request --user=gerd rakudo-star-0.0.2016.11-1.el7 stable
             This update has been submitted for stable by gerd.

Pushing an update to stable by update id

$ bodhi updates request --user=gerd FEDORA-2016-70bb6b7029 stable

Providing feedback for an update

$ bodhi updates comment --user gerd --karma +1 wine-2.0-0.1.rc2.fc25 'This is a comment'
u'wine-2.0-0.1.rc2.fc25' u'This is a comment' 1
The following comment was added to wine-2.0-0.1.rc2.fc25
This is a comment