Breaking development freeze SOP

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Packages which require an exception to freeze policies must be run through this SOP.

The following freeze policies are set for the following significant release milestones:

See Fedora Release Life Cycle for a summary of all the freezes, dates, and exception handling, or the release engineering calendar for the current release.


The commands to tag a package properly once it has been accepted:

$ koji move-pkg --force dist-f23-updates-candidate dist-f23 <PKGNAME>
$ koji tag-pkg --force f23-<RELEASE> <PKGNAME>

Where <PKGNAME> is the package name, and <RELEASE> is the first release in which the package should land (e.g. alpha, beta, final).


The koji client reports success or failure. For secondary verification, run these commands:

$ koji latest-pkg dist-f23 <PKGNAME>
$ koji latest-pkg dist-f23-updates-candidate <PKGNAME>

Consider Before Running