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One of the keys to good triage practices is being able to readily find and identify bugs that need to be triaged.

Preformatted Bugzilla Queries

Testing and identifying duplicates can be easier when focusing on a single component. To see which components need triage help, please see BugZappers/Components and Triagers which also has links to get lists of bugs.

BugZappers/Goals has other pre-formatted queries focusing on cross-component searches, such as for EOL versions and potential blocker bugs.

There is a page within BugZilla [1] itself where you can view and use predefined search created by other users.

Finding Duplicates

  • Finding duplicates is little more complex than a simple query to bugzilla. See the Finding Duplicates page for more guidance.

List All Bugs

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Lists of Bugs per Package Group


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RSS Feeds

If watching new bugs via RSS appeals to you, there are some feedburner feeds that you can subscribe to: (Feedburner was used basically to shorten URL's here - the direct bugzilla RSS links are about a mile long):

Requested RSS Feeds

If you have an idea for a feed that would be useful for your work or make you a more effective bug triager -- add it here and we'll create a user friendly feed and add it to the list above.

Open requests:

  1. Fedora 13 Bugs in NEEDINFO-REPORTER for more than 30 days
  2. Fedora rawhide Bugs in NEEDINFO-REPORTER for more than 30 days