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Current Tracker Bugs

Fedora 40

Blocker Dynamic Alias New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 40 Beta BetaBlocker F40BetaBlocker 2187792
Fedora 40 Beta Freeze Exception BetaFreezeException F40BetaFreezeException 2187793
Fedora 40 Final FinalBlocker F40FinalBlocker 2187794
Fedora 40 Final Freeze Exception FinalFreezeException F40FinalFreezeException 2187795

Fedora 41

Blocker Dynamic Alias New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 41 Beta - F41BetaBlocker 2247865
Fedora 41 Beta Freeze Exception - F41BetaFreezeException 2247866
Fedora 41 Final - F41FinalBlocker 2247867
Fedora 41 Final Freeze Exception - F41FinalFreezeException 2247868


  • The QA:SOP_blocker_bug_process and QA:SOP_freeze_exception_bug_process pages describe the general processes for handling blocker and freeze exception bugs
  • Criteria for considering a bug to be a blocker to be added to a release tracker are set in the release criteria page for each public release (Beta and Final)
  • Fedora creates a series of tracker bugs at the beginning of each new release cycle for two release cycles in advance
    • For example, at the release of Fedora 40, Fedora 42 Blocker and Freeze Exception bugs were created. At the release of Fedora 41, Fedora 43 Blocker and Freeze Exception bugs will be created, etc.
  • The tracker bugs for each release are closed when that release goes stable
  • 'Dynamic' - unversioned - tracker aliases are applied to the bugs for the next pending release, and transfer after each release


When a release is signed off

Use the script, Luke
There is a script you can use to make all the changes documented here with a single command. For instructions on using the script, see below.

As soon as possible after a release is signed off at the Go_No_Go_Meeting and all open blocker issues are resolved (which may happen after the "go" decision in some special cases), the blocker and freeze exception tracker bugs for that release should be closed with the resolution CURRENTRELEASE, and the unversioned 'dynamic' aliases should be removed from them and applied to the tracker bugs for the next release.

At the same time, tracker bugs should be created for the next-but-one release:

  • FXXBetaBlocker (must fix prior to Beta release)
  • FXXBetaFreezeException (freeze exception fixes for Beta release)
  • FXXFinalBlocker (must fix prior to Final)
  • FXXFinalFreezeException (freeze exception fixes for Final)
  1. Record new tracker bugs in the section Current Tracker Bugs above
  2. Update the table for the trackers for the next release to include the 'dynamic' aliases
  3. Move the table for the trackers from the just-finished release down to the Past Tracker Bugs section
  4. Update the blockerbugs webapp: create the next-but-one release in the Release tab, and create the milestones in the Milestone tab, following the naming conventions and so forth of the existing milestones, and entering the correct blocker and freeze exception bug IDs

Tracker bugs should be created with the following attributes:

  1. Product Fedora
  2. Component distribution
  3. Summary Fedora (release) (milestone) (type) bug tracker (e.g. Fedora 41 Beta blocker bug tracker)
  4. Version rawhide
  5. URL set as the URL to QA:SOP_blocker_bug_process or QA:SOP_freeze_exception_bug_process, as appropriate
  6. Description can be copied/pasted and edited from the previous release (but just use the script! Don't do this manually!)
  7. Alias corresponding to the blocker and release. For example
    • Fedora 42 Beta would be: F42BetaBlocker
    • Fedora 42 Beta Freeze Exception would be: F42BetaFreezeException
    • Fedora 43 Final Blocker would be: F43FinalBlocker
    • Fedora 43 Final Freeze Exception would be: F43FinalFreezeException
  8. Keyword Tracking

After each milestone release

  • After the Beta release, move any remaining open bugs on the Beta freeze exception tracker to the Final freeze exception tracker
  • After the Final release, set any remaining open bugs on the Final freeze exception tracker to no longer block any of these tracker bugs
  • After each milestone release, update the blockerbugs webapp: make sure the next three milestones are marked as 'active', and the next milestone is marked as 'current'.


The 'dynamic' aliases - the aliases without version numbers:

  • BetaBlocker
  • BetaFreezeException
  • FinalBlocker
  • FinalFreezeException

should always be applied to the next pending release. Right now, they should be applied to Fedora 41.

  • A bugzilla query reporting all tracker bugs is here
Tracker bugs--commonly referred to as blocker bugs--are meta-bugs used to monitor a group of bugs that must be resolved before a specific release milestone and are therefore considered to block the release.
Aliases provide the ability to refer to a particular bugzilla by a user-defined term rather than the bug number. Some people find it easier to remember aliases rather than bug numbers.


The script can be used to perform all the required actions at the time of a release being completed. It will close the tracker bugs for that release and remove the dynamic aliases from them, apply the dynamic aliases to the tracker bugs for the next release, create the tracker bugs for the next-but-one release, and update the tables in this page appropriately. The script should be run just once per release, right when the release is signed off, with the release number as its sole argument. For example, when Fedora 41 is completed, the script should be run as updatetrackers 41. The script requires Package-x-generic-16.pngpython3-mwclient and Package-x-generic-16.pngpython3-bugzilla, and you must have a Bugzilla account (and probably editbugs privileges) and a Fedora (wiki) account to use it.

Past Tracker Bugs

Fedora 39

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 39 Beta F39BetaBlocker 2143444
Fedora 39 Beta Freeze Exception F39BetaFreezeException 2143445
Fedora 39 Final F39FinalBlocker 2143446
Fedora 39 Final Freeze Exception F39FinalFreezeException 2143447

Fedora 38

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 38 Beta F38BetaBlocker 2083910
Fedora 38 Beta Freeze Exception F38BetaFreezeException 2083911
Fedora 38 Final F38FinalBlocker 2083912
Fedora 38 Final Freeze Exception F38FinalFreezeException 2083913

Fedora 37

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 37 Beta F37BetaBlocker 2009537
Fedora 37 Beta Freeze Exception F37BetaFreezeException 2009538
Fedora 37 Final F37FinalBlocker 2009539
Fedora 37 Final Freeze Exception F37FinalFreezeException 2009540

Fedora 36

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 36 Beta F36BetaBlocker 1953783
Fedora 36 Beta Freeze Exception F36BetaFreezeException 1953784
Fedora 36 Final F36FinalBlocker 1953785
Fedora 36 Final Freeze Exception F36FinalFreezeException 1953786

Fedora 35

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 35 Beta F35BetaBlocker 1891953
Fedora 35 Beta Freeze Exception F35BetaFreezeException 1891954
Fedora 35 Final F35FinalBlocker 1891955
Fedora 35 Final Freeze Exception F35FinalFreezeException 1891956

Fedora 34

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 34 Beta F34BetaBlocker 1829022
Fedora 34 Beta Freeze Exception F34BetaFreezeException 1829023
Fedora 34 Final F34FinalBlocker 1829024
Fedora 34 Final Freeze Exception F34FinalFreezeException 1829025

Fedora 33

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 33 Beta F33BetaBlocker 1766775
Fedora 33 Beta Freeze Exception F33BetaFreezeException 1766776
Fedora 33 Final F33FinalBlocker 1766777
Fedora 33 Final Freeze Exception F33FinalFreezeException 1766778

Fedora 32

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 32 Beta F32BetaBlocker 1705303
Fedora 32 Beta Freeze Exception F32BetaFreezeException 1705304
Fedora 32 Final F32FinalBlocker 1705305
Fedora 32 Final Freeze Exception F32FinalFreezeException 1705306

Fedora 31

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 31 Beta F31BetaBlocker 1644937
Fedora 31 Beta Freeze Exception F31BetaFreezeException 1644938
Fedora 31 Final F31FinalBlocker 1644939
Fedora 31 Final Freeze Exception F31FinalFreezeException 1644940

Fedora 30

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 30 Beta F30BetaBlocker 1574713
Fedora 30 Beta Freeze Exception F30BetaFreezeException 1574714
Fedora 30 Final F30FinalBlocker 1574715
Fedora 30 Final Freeze Exception F30FinalFreezeException 1574716

Fedora 29

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 29 Beta F29BetaBlocker 1517011
Fedora 29 Beta Freeze Exception F29BetaFreezeException 1517012
Fedora 29 Final F29FinalBlocker 1517013
Fedora 29 Final Freeze Exception F29FinalFreezeException 1517014

Fedora 28

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 28 Beta F28BetaBlocker 1469204
Fedora 28 Beta Freeze Exception F28BetaFreezeException 1469205
Fedora 28 Final F28FinalBlocker 1469206
Fedora 28 Final Freeze Exception F28FinalFreezeException 1469207

Fedora 27 Modular Server

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 27 Modular Server Beta F27ServerBetaBlocker 1502880
Fedora 27 Modular Server Beta Freeze Exception F27ServerBetaFreezeException 1502882

Fedora 27

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 27 Beta F27BetaBlocker 1396702
Fedora 27 Beta Freeze Exception F27BetaFreezeException 1396703
Fedora 27 Final F27FinalBlocker 1396704
Fedora 27 Final Freeze Exception F27FinalFreezeException 1396705

Fedora 26

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 26 Alpha F26AlphaBlocker 1349184
Fedora 26 Alpha Freeze Exception F26AlphaFreezeException 1349185
Fedora 26 Beta F26BetaBlocker 1349186
Fedora 26 Beta Freeze Exception F26BetaFreezeException 1349187
Fedora 26 Final F26FinalBlocker 1349188
Fedora 26 Final Freeze Exception F26FinalFreezeException 1349189

Fedora 25

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 25 Alpha F25AlphaBlocker 1277284
Fedora 25 Alpha Freeze Exception F25AlphaFreezeException 1277285
Fedora 25 Beta F25BetaBlocker 1277287
Fedora 25 Beta Freeze Exception F25BetaFreezeException 1277288
Fedora 25 Final F25FinalBlocker 1277289
Fedora 25 Final Freeze Exception F25FinalFreezeException 1277290

Fedora 24

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 24 Alpha F24AlphaBlocker 1230431
Fedora 24 Alpha Freeze Exception F24AlphaFreezeException 1230432
Fedora 24 Beta F24BetaBlocker 1230433
Fedora 24 Beta Freeze Exception F24BetaFreezeException 1230434
Fedora 24 Final F24FinalBlocker 1230435
Fedora 24 Final Freeze Exception F24FinalFreezeException 1230436

Fedora 23

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 23 Alpha F23AlphaBlocker 1170817
Fedora 23 Alpha Freeze Exception F23AlphaFreezeException 1170818
Fedora 23 Beta F23BetaBlocker 1170819
Fedora 23 Beta Freeze Exception F23BetaFreezeException 1170820
Fedora 23 Final F23FinalBlocker 1170821
Fedora 23 Final Freeze Exception F23FinalFreezeException 1170822

Fedora 22

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 22 Alpha F22AlphaBlocker 1043121
Fedora 22 Alpha Freeze Exception F22AlphaFreezeException 1043123
Fedora 22 Beta F22BetaBlocker 1043125
Fedora 22 Beta Freeze Exception F22BetaFreezeException 1043128
Fedora 22 Final F22FinalBlocker 1043130
Fedora 22 Final Freeze Exception F22FinalFreezeException 1043132

Fedora 21

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 21 Alpha F21AlphaBlocker 1043119
Fedora 21 Alpha Freeze Exception F21AlphaFreezeException 1043122
Fedora 21 Beta F21BetaBlocker 1043124
Fedora 21 Beta Freeze Exception F21BetaFreezeException 1043127
Fedora 21 Final F21FinalBlocker 1043129
Fedora 21 Final Freeze Exception F21FinalFreezeException 1043131

Fedora 20

Blocker New-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 20 Alpha F20AlphaBlocker 980649
Fedora 20 Alpha Freeze Exception F20AlphaFreezeException 980650
Fedora 20 Beta F20BetaBlocker 980651
Fedora 20 Beta Freeze Exception F20BetaFreezeException 980655
Fedora 20 Final F20FinalBlocker 980656
Fedora 20 Final Freeze Exception F20FinalFreezeException 980657

Fedora 19

Blocker New-style Alias Old-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 19 Alpha F19AlphaBlocker F19Alpha 834084
Fedora 19 Alpha Freeze Exception F19AlphaFreezeException F19Alpha-accepted 834085
Fedora 19 Beta F19BetaBlocker F19Beta 834087
Fedora 19 Beta Freeze Exception F19BetaFreezeException F19Beta-accepted 834088
Fedora 19 Final F19FinalBlocker F19Blocker 834090
Fedora 19 Final Freeze Exception F19FinalFreezeException F19-accepted 834091

Fedora 19 Arm

Blocker Alias Bug Number
Fedora 19 Alpha F19ARMAlpha 901844
Fedora 19 Alpha Freeze Exception F19ARMAlpha-accepted 901845
Fedora 19 Beta F19ARMBeta 901848
Fedora 19 Beta Freeze Exception F19ARMBeta-accepted 901849
Fedora 19 Final F19ARMBlocker 901850
Fedora 19 Final Freeze Exception F19ARM-accepted 901851

Fedora 18

Blocker New-style Alias Old-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 18 Alpha F18AlphaBlocker F18Alpha 752654
Fedora 18 Alpha Freeze Exception F18AlphaFreezeExcept F18Alpha-accepted 752662
Fedora 18 Beta F18BetaBlocker F18Beta 752660
Fedora 18 Beta Freeze Exception F18BetaFreezeExcept F18Beta-accepted 752664
Fedora 18 Blocker F18FinalBlocker F18Blocker 752661
Fedora 18 Freeze Exception F18FinalFreezeExcept F18-accepted 752665

Fedora 18 Arm

Blocker Alias Bug Number
Fedora 18 Blocker F18ARMBlocker 901840
Fedora 18 Freeze Exception F18ARM-accepted 901842

Fedora 17

Blocker New-style Alias Old-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 17 Alpha F17AlphaBlocker F17Alpha 752648
Fedora 17 Alpha Freeze Exception F17AlphaFreezeExcept F17Alpha-accepted 752651
Fedora 17 Beta F17BetaBlocker F17Beta 752649
Fedora 17 Beta Freeze Exception F17BetaFreezeExcept F17Beta-accepted 752652
Fedora 17 Blocker F17FinalBlocker F17Blocker 752650
Fedora 17 Freeze Exception F17FinalFreezeExcept F17-accepted 752653

Fedora 16

Blocker New-style Alias Old-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 16 Alpha F16AlphaBlocker F16Alpha 713560
Fedora 16 Alpha Freeze Exception F16AlphaFreezeExcept F16Alpha-accepted 713563
Fedora 16 Beta F16BetaBlocker F16Beta 713564
Fedora 16 Beta Freeze Exception F16BetaFreezeExcept F16Beta-accepted 713565
Fedora 16 Blocker F16FinalBlocker F16Blocker 713568
Fedora 16 Freeze Exception F16FinalFreezeExcept F16-accepted 713566

Fedora 15

Blocker New-style Alias Old-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 15 Alpha F15AlphaBlocker F15Alpha 657616
Fedora 15 Alpha Freeze Exception F15AlphaFreezeExcept F15Alpha-accepted 657617
Fedora 15 Beta F15BetaBlocker F15Beta 657618
Fedora 15 Beta Freeze Exception F15BetaFreezeExcept F15Beta-accepted 657619
Fedora 15 Blocker F15FinalBlocker F15Blocker 617261
Fedora 15 Freeze Exception F15FinalFreezeExcept F15-accepted 657621

Fedora 14

Blocker New-style Alias Old-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 14 Alpha F14AlphaBlocker F14Alpha 611990
Fedora 14 Beta F14BetaBlocker F14Beta 611991
Fedora 14 Beta Freeze Exception F14BetaFreezeExcept F14Beta-accepted 634253
Fedora 14 Blocker F14FinalBlocker F14Blocker 538277
Fedora 14 Freeze Exception F14FinalFreezeExcept F14-accepted 635218
Fedora 14 Target F14Target 538278

Fedora 13

Blocker New-style Alias Old-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 13 Alpha F13AlphaBlocker F13Alpha 538273
Fedora 13 Beta F13BetaBlocker F13Beta 538274
Fedora 13 Blocker F13FinalBlocker F13Blocker 507681
Fedora 13 Target F13Target 507684

Fedora 12

Blocker New-style Alias Old-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 12 Alpha F12AlphaBlocker F12Alpha 507676
Fedora 12 Beta F12BetaBlocker F12Beta 507678
Fedora 12 Blocker F12FinalBlocker F12Blocker 473303
Fedora 12 Target F12Target 473302

Fedora 11

Blocker New-style Alias Old-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 11 Alpha F11AlphaBlocker F11Alpha 476773
Fedora 11 Beta F11BetaBlocker F11Beta 476774
Fedora 11 Preview F11Preview 476775
Fedora 11 Blocker F11FinalBlocker F11Blocker 446452
Fedora 11 Target F11Target 446451
Fedora 11 Intel Modesetting F11IntelKMS 487202

Fedora 10

Blocker New-style Alias Old-style Alias Bug Number
Fedora 10 Alpha F10AlphaBlocker F10Alpha 446445
Fedora 10 Beta F10BetaBlocker F10Beta 446447
Fedora 10 Preview F10Preview 446449
Fedora 10 Blocker F10FinalBlocker F10Blocker 438943
Fedora 10 Target F10Target 438944
Fedora 10 Desktop Target F10DesktopTarget 465130
Fedora 10 Desktop Blocker F10DesktopBlocker 457945
Fedora 10 Kernel Blocker F10KernelBlocker 466414