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This Document defines the 'Introduction Email' procedure necessary for induction in the "triagers" group as a member of the BugZappers (Fedora Triage Team).

Contact Information

Owner: Fedora BugZappers


Purpose: Define the process for granting "triagers" group to bug triagers.


BugZappers New Member Procedures Version:1.2 Effective Date: 2009-05-14


Outline the requirements and procedure for both applicants and sponsors for the approval of new members of the 'triagers' group.


  1. Following the guide, the applicant should open a Bugzilla account and a FAS account, and apply to the 'triagers' group
  2. The applicant should then subscribe to the fedora-test-list mailing list
  3. The applicant should send the list an email with the subject: New BugZapper Introduction. The contents should be a personal introduction, containing the applicant's name or nickname, any other personal information the applicant chooses to give, and - if possible - an indication of the applicant's familiarity with Fedora and any particular area in which the applicant would like to work
  4. Any administrator of the 'triagers' group may sponsor an applicant into the group. Applicants should be sponsored promptly as soon as the above procedure has been fully followed
  5. If an applicant appears to complete only part of the above process, administrators are encouraged to contact the applicant with help on how to complete the process fully


This procedure is applicable to anyone seeking membership to the 'triagers' group as a member of the BugZappers, and to the administrators of the 'triagers' group.