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Bug Triage for Openssh and Openssl

Mentor: Tomas Mraz (tmraz AT redhat DOT com) Jef Spaleta ( jspaleta AT gmail DOT com )

Cross Platform Testing


Description: The Fedora Core developers for openssh and openssl have limited access to ppc and x86_64 hardware. Users in the community who have access to this hardware can help by agreeing to watch the incoming bug reports on a daily basis in an effort to confirm reported problems on ppc or x86_64 platforms. Additionally volunteers for this task would work with the fedora developer to provide reliable feedback about x86_64 and ppc problems on a prompt and timely manner when the initial report fails to provide the required information.

Common Duplicate Closure


Description: A typical problem where even lightly experienced person could help would be with duplicates of X11 forwarding problem - the source of the problem is often not too visible from the bug report and only after a more conversation with the reporter it can be identified. Volunteers would be agree to watch the incoming bugreports on a daily basis looking for duplicates of commonly reported issues for which the fedora developers are aware of. Initially volunteers can start with looking for duplicates of bug 137685 and then expand to hunting for and closing duplicates for other commonly occuring problems.