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This page has been obsoleted by the Quick Start Guide.

[1]== Contributing tests for Fedora Atomic Host CI ==

Documentation and Account

To start contributing you should read the following pages in the first place:

Make sure you have a FAS account. You can also find useful information and tools related to working with packages in the Package maintenance guide:

Adding Tests

Clone repositories with tests and project code, run the tests:

Include tests into the project:

  • Move tests into the project folder.
  • Rename folder with tests to "tests".
  • Make sure there are no *.log files inside.
  • Don't forget to delete the .git/ folder.
  • Make changes, create a new git branch, eg. git checkout -b new_tests.
  • Commit (include links to the project in the commit links).

Example Commit Message:

Add CI tests using the standard test interface

Adding tests according to the CI wiki [0] and standard test interface [1]

Pull Request

Unless you are a Fedora packager follow instructions for creating a public git repo on fedorapeople and upload package folder there:

scp -r <package>

Navigate to the (select appropriate package). Press File Pull Request button then press Remote pull request.

Fill the required fields:

  • Title: Add CI tests using the standard test interface
  • Git repo address: git://<username>/<package folder>
  • Git branch: new_tests
  • To branch: master
  • Press the Preview button.

Initial Comment

Add an Initial Comment with tests results. Make sure you mentioned right maintainer contact person. For example:


  1. Insert footnote text here