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CONF@JMILUG is a conference concerned with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). The event is primarily focussed on FOSS development and contribution to the Open Source community. Over the years, JMILUG has made significant contribution in spreading the word of FOSS to many of the students. CONF@JMILUG is a non-commercial event organized and run entirely by JMILUG members. It does not represent the interests of any commercial entity.

In association with:

* Spoken Tutorial
* LUG@IITD / GeekMeetup

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Event Owner

When and Where

Date: 12th and 13th of March'2011

Where: Faculty of Engineering and Technology , JMI University, New Delhi, India (Map)


Delegate/Speaker Registration:

Add yourself if you are coming.

No. Name Comments Accommodation
1 Saleem Ansari I would be giving a talk on Web Development Not Required
2 Satya Komaragiri How to contribute to FOSS (Fedora, OLPC and JBoss) Not Required

What's happening there?

* Day 1 ( 12th of March'2011 ) - GNU/Linux Conference -
* Day 2 ( 13th of March'2011 ) - Geek Meetup -


Please take up any item that you can. Also add if you want anything.
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Media Fedora Buttons Saleem Ansari Have been ordered.

Event Reports

Who Report
Saleem Ansari Event report here and my talk transcript here , slides here
Satya Komaragiri Event report: here Slides: here